Otaku’s Adventure: All Achievements & Endings Guide 2021

Yes, this guide is a huge mess and doesn’t say anything specific. But it works, deal with it.

Also, while I won’t specify achievements……just follow the instructions.


Your house & KY Cafe
Before you start the game it would ask for you to generate a birth date (not including year). Remember the numbers you’ve used.

The Otaku begins the game ranting about how he still doesn’t have a gf even though he’s 18 years old. He wakes up and wants to sleep again only to realize he needs to meet another girl he met online.

The Air Conditioner is running, and must be turned off. The remote can be found on the shelf, so just drag and drop it on the machine after taking it. However, it turns out the remote is unpowered. Turn over the remote and open its back. You’ll be surprised that it was empty (Otaku was like “How the heck did I turn that on last night anyway”).

Get the power cells from the top drawer, then examine it in your inventory. Turn it to the back and rip open the packaging (yes, it often takes me several minutes to do this IRL). After that, select the AC remote, open its lid and drag the batteries to them, then turn off the AC.

The drawer has 3 additional useless items.
A notepad for recording transactions, although it is useless since the Otaku spends all his money easily each month. I don’t really know the details behind it, but it was suggested earlier that he would handle everything well anyway.
A Kio plush (for some reason it doesn’t have shoes or hands). This item is a reference to Kio’s Adventure, of which this item derives from. In case you didn’t know Kio’s Adventure is a gore game where the titular high school girl is forced to venture through a nasty world with brutal death scenes (ranging from a psycho killer to a circular saw severing her torso), disgusting monsters (imagine trying to kill a ghost with a pistol rather than a laser) and the dark, bloody atmosphere. It is also a work by Spacelight studios, which employs the devs behind this game and Kio’s Adventure.
A Playstation 1 memory card. I guess this obviously hints to the discontinued real-life item.

The other things in the room are not worth noting. You can find the cell phone under the pillow and a box of tissues in the cupboard. Drag paper out of the tissue box and you’ll eventually find a plastic part.

Head to the bathroom. Brush your teeth by simply interacting with the toothbrush/toothpaste/the glass holding them. As for shaving use the razor to remove all your beard (note its length. We’ve all been there before.) Before you urinate in the toilet save the game, and make sure to reload the game if you spill outside. The yellow arrow designating the flow rotates rapidly so you’ll have to think fast, then hold on until the cylinder depletes entirely. You’ll have to wipe the ground clean afterwards with a piece of cloth if you spill outside.
There is a wallet and a small plastic part inside the mop bucket. Get these too. There is also a third one inside the washing machine. The wallet contains a weird magical girl pic and credit card.
Head back to the living room. Unlock the box by entering your birth date to get a forth part. A fifth is located near the TV. The left cupboard at the bottom contains the keys and the right has a power bank (note that there isn’t a cord for some reason). Last part is located on a pillow near the sofa. Other simple items in the room include your shoes, the TV remote and an empty glass.

Reassemble your plastic figure head by selecting a piece before dragging any other to it.
A – The faceplate
B – Helmet (front)
C – A red piece of reinforcement
D – Back of the helmet
E – A small black part
F – The Antennae
Put E inside of D first. Then attach A, and close it by putting B on. Place F atop B and install C on F. Then drag the head to the headless figure and you’re done! (The Otaku angrily swears that he would not let anyone touch it again and suggested that he had relatives’ kids damaging it. This happens a lot in real life so put all your fragile items inside heavily reinforced casings that freeze them in place. Their cost could buy you an average sedan.)
Play the cat game on your phone. It’s similar to Air Attack in that you control a fighter jet which fires projectiles at various hostile objects (everything aside from the cat is hostile). Finish the game without taking damage (simply quit the cat game and restart if you do) would be your priority, though it would take several attempts. Avoid the spiked metal spheres since they are invincible and shoot your way out. At the end there would be a giant human face launching invincible projectiles around it, although you only need to focus on dodging since it occupies the entire height of the screen. The boss would die after being shot enough times.

Album has 6 pics:
MeiMei (the girl you’re meeting today)
A selfie taken sometime before the events of the game.
A snap of some office buildings.
A weird-looking Hatsune Miku.
Your muscular arm.
Salmon & rice.

You would lose most items save for the power bank, cell phone, keys and the wallet after you leave.

Taking the bus or the subway to the KY Cafe doesn’t matter.
If you take the subway you can hear the PA announcing warnings against sexual harassment, then two weird looking girls also board the subway. For some reason they’ll avoid you, thinking that you’re one of these people even though you obviously aren’t.
If you take the bus a University Student would ask you to take a weird survey. Pick anything.

Surprisingly, KYCafe is a restaurant instead of a real cafe. (It’s like trying to bring a tank to an oil drill when it only needs some coolant at the base). While waiting the Otaku makes a reference to real-life dates where people often photoshopped their appearances just to scam or scare the living hell out of them. (Meanwhile I might bring a tank and a bulldozer to a street race). However, MeiMei turns out not to be that kind of person.
Strangely a Cafe offers weird things such as Spicy Noodles/Hot Tofu or even beef noodles. (Wow these are things me and my friends may enjoy. But I don’t think that’s romantic enough.) Obviously MeiMei doesn’t like the food there (as well as topics. You can’t feed Chernobyl to a tank that wants to shoot stuff) and would take an excuse to leave after drinking some water. Save the game here. Choose to wait and that’ll be a game over. Reload the save and continue on. The Otaku angrily rants on this, implying that it has occurred many times and he never had an idea why.

Convenience Store & Arcade
After the botched blind date you’ll move to a store. The clerk would ask you to buy things. You have 200 points of currency. Save before you buy anything. You can also choose not to make any purchases (We always take a trip to the armory not to get more weapons but to see what new items are in stock)
Items costs are below:
Water: 5 (Drink it later for an achievement)
Game Guide: 50 (What the heck)
Yamashita Magazine: 100 (You can see Yamashita in person at some point in the game anyway. After buying it, reload the game)
Kio OST: 20 (Needed for an achievement later on. A must-have if you’re not getting the screwdriver)
Letter: 999 (Ironically if you purchase it via hacks the item would say “Please don’t cheat lol” or something. This is likely a joke since you’re not supposed to obtain it in the first place, and this isn’t even a place worth cheating anyway).
Gold Screwdriver: 160 (Comes with a unique shaft that allows you to do something amazing)

If you buy the screwdriver, remember to get some water too, but not Kio OST. You can reload the game after using the items since the achievement is kept.

After you buy stuff a short-haired girl with an artist’s hat and a bag enters. If you pick the third option of confessing your love to her, the clerk (who reveals to you that he’s gay) would take you away and end the game. Otherwise the game goes on rather awkwardly until a lamp in the ceiling is about to drop. You are given the option to push the girl or leave it be.

If you do push her, she would accuse you of harassment but takes that back after you point out the smashed lamp on the ground. She would have sprained her ankle and you can offer to take her away (the game somehow allows you to lick her, which will cause her to leave in disgust). Interestingly the girl tells you to refer to her as your Waifu which would be her alias for the rest of the game.

If you ignore the falling lamp, it would hit the girl who bleeds and complains of feeling dizzy before dying of acute brain hemorrhage. The clerk would dial for am ambulance and a doctor declares her dead. He becomes suspicious of you until another lamp falls, killing him.

You will always head to an arcade after leaving the store. There will be a long queue of people with another girl playing an arcade machine. There are wrecked machines, prop explosives (inside garbage bags) and other random stuff.

Take the tall bench and go upstairs. You’ll be greeted by the arcade’s owner and one of your old friends, Michael, who leaves soon after. If you try to talk to him he’ll claim that he is thirsty and needs water (you can drink the water at the arcade then reload the game). If offered water, Michael explains to you that he is looking for a straight screwdriver shaft to repair a defunct arcade machine, and wants you to find the shaft, which he suspects is located in the AC. Simply place the bench below it and interact with the AC vent. Make a save here.
(Michael is a lazy person and likely lives alone like you. His place is just above his arcade in the second floor, with two washing machines, a stove and other entertainment items. There’s also an ATM, subway ticket vendor and an elevator. Michael himself sits inside a dimly-lit room.)

The girl playing an arcade machine is named Gohard (Most of her lines are voiced, in Cantonese of course) who would challenge you to a game. You cannot leave the arcade without doing so, although you can turn down her request and play later, since you need 2 coins. Coins can be conveniently obtained from a paper box and from the hair of a waiting customer.

The game is basically you and the enemy trying to block a projectile with a moving barricade. The first to score 3 points wins. She can only be defeated if you have purchased and read the game guide (make a save before, then try to finish the game without the opponent scoring a point). If she is defeated, she would take interest in you and invite you to an event. When you leave after winning, you’ll meet Michael who claims that he went outside to take a phone call. Otherwise she would began an angry tirade against you for no reason (she does that a lot) until Michael brings you out after overhearing the argument. He then explains that you’ll have to bear with it.

Should you have the Kio OST with you, turn in that shaft to Michael, who would reward you with a coin. Do whatever you want next, but be sure to also take the other coin inside his book if you intend on leaving.

If you don’t turn in the shaft and have the screwdriver, well, time for some fun. Find an inactive machine (that he brought up earlier) and unscrew the bolts on the panels. If the screws don’t match, replace the screwdriver’s shaft. Put your power bank into the slot and BOOM, you just committed arson.

The power bank caused a short circuit and subsequently an explosion. The whole arcade’s first floor is burning and everyone died. Apart from you, of course. There is a nearby fire extinguisher but it cannot be used as the fires prevent you from accessing it. You’ll then have to go upstairs and tell Michael that. When you suggest jumping out from the second floor, Michael reveals that he installed bullet-proof glass which blocked all exits (Okay, some weird things here. First, why the heck didn’t he dial the fire department? Second, why would an arcade need BP glass? Or was this place a potential target for a terrorist attack? Third, can’t you just pop the glass out of its frame if you can’t break it? Forth, where the heck are the windows?) Anyway Michael would offer to warp you to the other world, where a supposedly powerful item lies that could save the situation (well, the only thing I can think at this point is some sort of fire retardant. Also, Michael should have kept one extinguisher himself just in case the second floor burns).

To get the single dog ending, the following requirements must be met:
Waifu must die or leave in disgust
You must lose the game against Gohard
Don’t buy the golden screwdriver

Bobo’s house
To get to Bobo’s house, make sure that Waifu lives and isn’t disgusted by you, or beat Gohard with the video game guide. Kio OST is mandatory. Don’t try to unscrew things.

After you return to your house, you’ll discover that a fire has broken out, destroying everything inside. A fireman asks for some information before leaving (note that firefighting didn’t begin yet, indicating that they may have just arrived). You’ll have to call your friend Bobo who allows you to stay at his house for a night.

Bobo is a crossover from Kio’s Adventure and is the killer I mentioned earlier. In that game, Bobo saves Kio from the zombies and then drugs her tea so he could dissect her and keep her head as a trophy in the freezer (In this game, the freezer has a rotten melon with red juice seeping from it) To escape Kio has to sneak out of Bobo’s rooms when he is sleeping, cut her tethers with a glass shard, avoid Bobo, take back her weapons, the kill him. Bobo’s house layout is similar to the mentioned game. For obvious reasons Bobo is more of a hospitable dude now.

When you arrive at Bobo’s place he gives you some tea and goes to sleep. The tea is obviously not drugged since you’re wide awake. To sleep, you need to gain 100 sleepiness points.

Open Bobo’s freezer and get the floppy disk from the lower section. The drawer also contains a cold bento, which you can heat with the microwave. When done, you get 10 points. Then get -15 points by microwaving your phone. Go to the living room and play the Kio OST (some creepy music) to get another -15 points. Use the gashapon machine 3 times until you get the sleeping pill then save the game, along with -15 points. Throw the power bank inside the fish tank (which short circuits, roasting the fish) and eat it to get +10 points. Break the key by using it on the door to the left of Bobo’s room for -15 points. Draw on his canvas to get +40 points (steam community has many photoshops, and I simply tried to draw a tank). Destroy Bobo’s plastic figures for +40 points. Turn on his PC with the big rectangular button at the bottom and insert the floppy disk to mess with his resume for +40 points. If you do go to sleep, reload the save and then eat the pill.

Also note that in Bobo’s room there is a note on the bottom of the lower drawer. These things are quite true but I don’t think they are easily applicable anywhere.

Bobo would wake you up the next morning and send you out since he can’t keep you in the house. After all, he, like you, also lives alone. However, when you leave the house you would have left everything there. Don’t think of going back now.

Now depending on your actions:
If you’re invited by Gohard you will instead meet her at the arcade. If not and the story progresses you’ll meet Waifu at the park.

The Park & the Gunfight
Get a mouse before you start reading this section.

If you do go to the park, you will first meet the narrator who reminds you of the saving feature. Make a save here.
Waifu then appears and hides in the bushes nearby, giving you her bag in the process. A man in black (secret service agent) follows and asks you if you’ve seen her around. If you deny and claim that you’re a woman, he grows suspicious (devs are Chinese, and the government really hates cross-dressers in general, so that might be a satire since cross-dressers will not threaten national security. But the man in black thing is probably a reference to secret service agencies of other countries such as the United States). He asks you to prove if you’re a woman, and you’ll have to look through Waifu’s bag, which has 4 items – A polaroid photo of her (why), a small liquid bottle (liquid foundation), a canister of an unknown substance and some sort of memory card or CPU (well she doesn’t use electronics so idk why). Pick the bottle and the agent would ask you what is it for. Tell him it is used to brighten your skin (don’t do this in the army. Better fill in any holes in a tank’s armor rather than putting extra plates over them). The agent believes and leaves.

If you make a wrong choice the agent will run to the bushes and kill Waifu who screams before her death. Do this first, then reload the save afterwards.

Waifu then appears and you’ll return her bag. Make a save here. She then tries to convince you that she’s the good person before giving you a pink handgun for defense. However for some reason you fired the gun, attracting the agent. He realized that you duped him and again attempts to kill you and her. When you try to defend yourselves, however, the agent summons reinforcements, and the gunfight begins.

You have 3 lives, meaning that you can make two mistakes. You can lose lives if an agent shot you or if a civilian dies. A civilian takes only 1 shot to kill while agents take 3, and the location shot does not matter.
The handgun is semi-automatic with infinite ammunition. Spam the fire button as fast as you can and quickly drag the reticule to targets. Fire in bursts to ensure that you don’t miss a target while minimizing civilian casualties.

Intentionally fail the game, then reload the save.

The gunfight begins at the park. You get something for shooting the box 30 times there so try to attack it once in a while if there are no agents. Eventually you will move out of a park and onto a street where a major road collision occurred due to the battle. Again, beware of moving or rotating agents overlapping with civilians. You and Waifu would spot an E-Bike to steal and she puts on a pink helmet (from nowhere) before zooming off. The fight becomes a chase where the secret service commandeered a limousine while also sending fast infantry units. Neutralize them quickly and don’t forget to scan around for more agents. The limo would eventually cease the pursuit after enough agents were killed (it cannot take damage in any way), and all you had to do is to kill the remaining enemies.

Waifu loses control of the vehicle due to malfunctioning brakes, and speeds off to a cliff before plummeting, then the screen fades to black.

The Hospital
You wake up after the long fall to find Waifu missing until you accidentally kick her. She complains of pain in her leg and you’ll have to get her to a hospital which turns out to be abandoned. After you throw Waifu on one of the empty beds, you realize that she has been shot in the left thigh (likely during the chase, or otherwise you can’t drag her on and she will be shot to death) and blood is seeping through the wound onto her skirt. If she is not treated in time, she could die of blood loss (or gangrene).

Waifu asks you look for:
Needles and a thread – Seal the would
Scalpel – Cuts the wound open
Alcohol – Sterilization
Sedative Syringe – Reduces pain from surgery
Bandage – Used to wrap up the wound and prevent it from leaking.
Pilers – Removes the bullet

Alcohol is found in the room where Waifu lies.

To create a sedative syringe you need to find the titular items. In the corridor of the second floor there should be a glass container with the syringe, although it is protected by bullet-proof glass. Find an amplifier inside one of the nearby boxes and remember to grab the blue card in the nearby box. Attach the amp to the gun and fire again, and the sonic attack will shatter the glass. Go to the third floor and snatch a yellow card from the upper drawler (inside the instruction manual) and a weird cubic material. Go to the right side where a reforging machine is present. Insert the yellow card and the cube to get the key, then open the vault in Waifu’s room where you can find sedative. Combine that with the syringe. Don’t forget to pick up the green card there too.

For the scalpel, go to the third floor and check the anatomy skeleton’s eye socket. Then press the elevator’s buttons according to the instructions. You will be brought back to an ancient herb shop where an old man named Eason asks if you are here to learn surgery (Eason probably owns the shop), and you’ll have to accept as he turns down other visitors. (Eason’s name is still in English if you switch to Chinese, as the name’s pronunciation is similar to “Doctor” in Chinese. Plus, he is a doctor anyway) He will point out the instructions on the wall and after explaining this, provides you with a scalpel. (He then says something like “Saving a life’s better than trying to mourn the thousands of senseless deaths, so yeah”, possibly referring to the agents you’ve killed). Remember to snatch the jack inside Eason’s place before you leave. You can return there in the same fashion (he’ll be away since he’s probably busy)
Use the jack on the fallen wall on the third floor and grab the scissors. You’ll cut off parts of your shirt for bandages (otherwise, Waifu might drag a trail of blood everywhere like a leaking fuel truck with oil seeping from it)
Grab the accelerator remote near the TV on the second floor, then save the game.
Use the pistol on Waifu. She will obviously die and the game ends, with the otaku ironically remarking himself as an idiot (If you wanted to kill her why not just sell her out to the agents or, if the game allowed, kill her earlier on with the handgun)
Use the accelerator remote on Waifu and she will age significantly, leading to a game over. (It would seem that it didn’t simply accelerate time but rather just the specific entity, since she would have bled to death before she can age). Again this is also a game over.

For the needle, you can find a giant iron pole in the first floor (there’s also a red card on the ground). Take it to the grindstone and it will become a needle (reference to an ancient tale in China where an old woman does the same thing which inspired the famous poet Li Bai of endurance. But I’ll doubt that.) For the thread, pick the leaf on the third floor near the wall and head to the other room. Feed it to the silkworm and use the accelerator remote on it to obtain the thread.
Make a save here.
Try to combine the needle and the thread. If you fail on the first attempt, load and retry.
Afterwards, put whatever item that was produced by the strange material into the reforging machine with the green card to get the pilers.

Make a save here.

Head back to Waifu’s room and try to pull the bullet out of her. The game has already censored the wound with a pink dot for some reason. You’re constantly bleeding (because the game implies that you are literally looking at her panties) and must be done with the whole thing before it hits zero (then Waifu presumably dies of infection or blood loss too). Note that if you make a mistake your health bar loses a significant chunk, and Waifu would scream in pain (only time she makes vocalizations in the entire game). Yeah, the sedatives only work so far. Fail to get the ending then reload the save. Try to finish it without a mistake afterwards
In case if you forgot, it should go like this:
Pour alcohol all over her
Inject sedatives
Rip her wound open with scalpel
Snatch the bullet with pilers
Use the thread and needle to seal the wound
Wrap the bandage around so she doesn’t leak blood and give yourselves away or die to blood loss.
After you’re done she would simply go to sleep and so will you. When you wake up later you’ll discover Waifu gone with only her bag, bow tie, hat and blood stain. She is found on the third floor near the balcony, and you need to talk to her to continue the game.
(In case you didn’t shot her to get one of the endings make a save, kill her, and load it)

Other Combinations for the weird material:
Blue card = Useless plastic figure
Red card = Graphics Card/Miniature stove

The facility & epilogue
After walking near the island and getting a fisherman to sail yourselves over (Waifu will pay since you don’t have your wallet) you’ll encounter a heavily guarded government facility. Make a save here
Use the gun on the guards you will fail since they somehow didn’t got shot, and the game ends as you and her frantically leave (or die to the secret service/military). Load the save.

Turn to the left, there’s a pit and leaves. Grab the leaves, then turn left. Ignore the sleeping guard and do so again. Grab the bamboo shelves near the talking guards. Place them and the leaves on the pit, then fire at the target. One of the guards will investigate, only to be completely paralyzed by the trap. You can find an elastic gun (the thing with a hand on it) and the gas mask too. Head to the sleeping guard and then make a save. Try to grab the eavesdropping device in one go, and reload the save if you fail. Use it on the two talking guards. They will reveal that the sleeping guard constantly slacks off at work, yet they cannot do anything about it, as he has powerful connections and will pummel everyone in his way. One of them also wants to pull of a prank by stealing his shoes while he is inactive, but the other stops him, citing that the guard’s feet has a horrible stench. Grab the shoes and also remove his sock, then launch it at the two talking guards, who are both paralyzed by the noxious item. After getting close enough to them, you’ll find out that they don’t even have the budget for a belt and instead use rubber bands. Pick one up and go to the sleeping guard – you’ll be surprised that his feet stench is so powerful that nearby creatures simply die. Pick up the rotten branch on the ground and create a slingshot, then use this unconventional weapon to disable the final guard. Make a save here

Venture into the facility and the second gunfight begins. Rules stated earlier still apply
An annoying cat may be present which acts as a bouncy civilian. Always fire sufficient bullets then switch to your next avaliable target. Of the new enemies, there’s the slim guard – whose body is a much smaller target, and the fat guard – a slightly larger target that takes usually five shots. Most guards here now usually take 3-5 shots now, so keep your nerves sharp.
You can get an additional ending if you lose. Reload the save if you take damage (only after getting the ending)
Save after you win the fight.
Old bean, a somewhat bald man, challenges you to yet another fight, and must be defeated. He has 2 attacks, of which he alternates between:
BOOMER – Fires up to seven babies (all of which resembles him) which inflict 1 damage on contact. They can be killed by one pistol shot. Will always use this first and begins his second attack as soon as the last baby is launched.
DASH – Rushes at you 3 times with a short delay between each, then punches you for 1 damage at the final charge.
Just as the fight begins Old Bean removes all his clothes save for his shorts, which he keeps, and the game shows a hint at his testicles. Old bean usually covers this place, but it is left open while dashing. Quickly firing 3-4 accurate pistol shots will interrupt his attack and he will be forced to retreat while taking 1 damage and groaning in pain. Old Bean will be defeated after losing health 6 times.
Lose to old bean for an ending, then reload the save. If you’ve been doing the shooting without taking any damage you should get an achievement.

Waifu will betray you and reveal that she is a manic psychopath who simply wants to destroy this world by forcing Earth to collide with an asteroid. The otaku begins to cry frantically until Old Bean slaps him (despite being defeated, he managed to knock a tooth from you). He gives you a time controller and begs you to warp back to stop her.

You return to the morning before you meet Waifu and she enters the store soon afterwards. You’re now left with two choices (make a save here) when the lamp drops:

If you do nothing, the lamp kills Waifu and you would have saved the world. And then your life becomes normal again since you technically erased all the events that would have happened if she were to be alive, thus preventing anyone else than you knowing that the world is saved.

If you choose to push her out of the way, you’ll get the true ending. The Otaku is evidently too much in love with her and simply would not care for the rest of the world. It means more to destroy the world with someone you love. Meteorite impacts are flooding the place and soon one would hit you and her anyway. You then confess (much to her surprise) that even though you knew what she is up to, you had fun cuz you were in love with her. Of course even though Waifu didn’t liked you, it sounds nice to her if you’re around when being hit by a meteorite (or a nuke). She does shy away from kissing you at the end before telling you to “close your eyes”.

Comic Show [SIC]
As I said before, you must beat Gohard in the arcade game. You don’t need to care about Waifu since for obvious reasons you won’t go to the park (and she either gets killed by the agents or hides and never reaches her goal). Anyway, you’ll arrive to see Gohard smoking, claiming that it is her breakfast. After reacting negatively to you suspecting her being underage (my mom: lol don’t ask any female their age) (laws: lol you can’t smoke if you’re underage. army: lol don’t you dare trying to remove so many fighters). She hears your stomach grumbling and gave you a sandwich.

At the entrance she asks for your cell phone number, though obviously you don’t have it with you anyway. She then berates you for your stupidity. Make a save here.

If you either enter normally with her it is a game over since you get easily separated here. After that, reload the save.

If you do suggest holding her hand, she will become enraged and blush before grabbing your hand and dragging you in. After entering she would release your hand, which has been partially crushed and bruised for obvious reasons. An employee resembling a stereotypical maid enters and gives you a free copy of a newspaper named “Weekly Games”. Part of it describes how the corporation that developed Kio’s Adventure is currently in an economical depression and is struggling to pay its employes’ salaries, yet in spite of this, it continues its agenda, hoping a rise to fame. (Refers to Spacelight Studios which produced Kio’s Adventure and this game. Idk how I got this but according to sources, Space, a leading dev and possibly the founder, claimed that they are indeed suffering from a shortage of funds. It is rumored that they’re also attempting to develop new games. But I doubt they’ll go on real far since gore games like Kio’s Adventure and corpse party are the government’s mortal enemies and it will stop at nothing to obliterate them until something more threatening appears).

Next you and Gohard would approach a Gcore PA stand. (Gcore previously appeared in Kio’s Adventure. It is based on an eponymous real-life Chinese gamer forum. Unlike government agencies which are ironically much more resilient, civilian agencies such as Gcore are totally fine if they are depicted being damaged). You’ll find a suitcase on the ground with funds inside it and automatically turn it in to the Gcore announcer. A man in a green suit takes the case, though shortly afterwards, a man in a white shirt (named “China Boy”. The “Boy” part is still English when set to Chinese. Probably a reference to the Angry German Kid’s video, whose titular character’s nickname is “German Boy”) appears and you’ll realize that he is the real owner. You will not be able to spot the perpetrator as he has escaped, although you would eventually go to the cosplay area where various actors will appear. Yamashita makes his first in-person appearance here too and brings forth his assistant, which is the green suit man. Gohard attempts to attack him though he escapes while you and China Boy follow.

The green suit man hides in the VIP room. China Boy searches the NTR room while you and Gohard search the VIP one. Gohard will give you an external flashlight with infinite uses here. Save the game, then try to find the assistant. He will usually hide under the table near the bottom left for the first time. If you see any body part, click on it, don’t move your cursor, and do so again. If you fail reload and retry. Some people reported a bug where the flashlight despawns after being used, effectively softlocking the game. Again, save beforehand. After catching him, the perp refuses to surrender, before he was severely beaten by you and Gohard. The man drops the suitcase and a recording device. Soon, Yamashita arrives, having followed the pursuit, and the Otaku tells him that the assistant is responsible for theft. Yamashita apologizes and takes his bruised assistant away. China Boy meets up with you, and open opening the case, you all realize that half (200,000) of the funds were stolen. China Boy has, however, sensed that it was spent at an auction and deduces that the suspect is within there. Since he has to carry his funds, he runs off to charge the recorder. You and Gohard would instead view the auction area. If you have painted something at Bobo’s place last night it appears there. Otherwise, it instead appears as a pile of walking poop. Regardless, after repeated requests a silver-haired man eventually offers to buy it for 10,000,000. Gohard asks him out of curiosity and the man, who refers to himself as “C” (reference to a real-life horror game streamer. Fun fact – He appears in Kio’s Adventure as a secret room character and can be killed), reveals his occupation as an art critic and collector. Another art collector appears and offers to buy C’s art for 5,000,000, and the deal is set, proving that everything purchased by C indeed gains great monetary value. When you ask him about a 200,000 figure, he tells you that while he doesn’t remember smaller values (collectors are often really rich. Every piece of a collection is worth billions of military equipment and WMDs, in terms quantities in physical copies), the one-eyed figure is too ugly for him to forget. He then mentions that a girl purchased it with a green-suit man, mocking on her poor taste in general. He then gives you a brochure and leaves, citing that the figure is the only copy ever made.

After more fruitless investigations, China Boy appears. He gives you the powered recorder which suggests that the suspect is bald. As C mentioned that a girl purchased it, the three realize that the target is a bald female. There is a booth with items from Kio’s Adventure and a cosplayer. (You can see several other items, such as a disgusting worm plus, a zombie statue, a poster depicting a monster never seen in the game, and a model of the final boss) (Surprisingly Gohard mentions that she never played this game despite the prominent presence of zombies there). The cosplayer rejects claims that she is responsible for the theft, although both Gohard and you can’t take that. Now you need to use the items to your advantage.

Camera Flashlight: Does nothing
Poster: Note that it is the only copy. This means that the owner is the culprit. However Kio claims that she purchased with the company salary.
Newspaper: The company developing the game is in burning water (or sodium water) and can’t even pay the staff, so therefore she cannot be buying this with her salary. Though after this Kio claims that it was purchased with personal funds.
Recorder: It depicts a transaction of 200,000 of the green suit man with another person. C’s narration also corroborates the appearance of the man, although unlike the recording C does not mention the other culprit, the figure’s appearance proves that someone in the booth is the culprit.
When Kio tries to deny that she is bald, a gust of wind passes, blowing her wig off, revealing that she is indeed the suspect. China Boy arrives and is exited that the figure is found, as he had came just to purchase that before its value rises, so he could sell it for a massive profit.

Soon after that you and Gohard both feel a stomach ache and head off to the toilet, which explodes, sending you into space.

The Spaceship
You and Gohard appear inside an alien ship resembling a duckbill. The interior appears to be directly connected to the toilet via a pipe. She tries to calm herself down with a cigarette but that didn’t work. Simply turn to the right and you will try to smash the barrier to no avail. Gohard becomes agitated and maniacally cries while berating you (ironically if she didn’t went there none of this would have happened) An alien appears and puts two bowls of food into your confinement. Pick them both up. Of course Gohard would continue to rant since she didn’t like it at all. Place the recorder into the slot on the wall and push the tile that changed color, then use the flashlight on it. The energy transmitted by the light erodes off the stealth paint job and reveals a cosmic wrench (resembles a clamp or pilers if you would ask me). Use that thing on the pipe and screw its head off, and feed the alien food to the worm you freed.

Gohard would berate you again for letting you and her starve without solving the problem, even though she hates the food and also didn’t like your logic of inserting items in random places. The alien, for an unknown reason, approaches, grabbing you and Gohard before walking away. Eventually Gohard would angrily bite the alien who will continue pursuit after collapsing briefly in pain. You and her would eventually reach a room with mechanical arms and a remote, Gohard asks you to equip that but the Otaku rejects, citing issues with his shoulders, forcing her to put that on. Save the game here.

Basic controls of the mechanical arms:
Red – Attack
Green – Defend
You don’t get to perform the action until you release it though.
You and your opponents all have 3 health each. The first to inflict 3 damage wins.

The green alien has only one attack. He charges his fist then punches you.Hold the green button until he is about to strike, then release it and quickly hit the red one while he is trying to recover, causing him to take damage from the punch. (the machine releases steam just as you attack). If you take damage during the fight just reload save. After finishing the fight unscathed, save in a separate slot, then load the previous one and intentionally lose the fight. I’ll explain the win consequences first.

If you win, the narrator appears. He alerts you to save your game before leaving. An alien fly then emerges from the defeated alien. Save and fight.
Alien fly has 2 attacks:
Finger flick – Extends its arm, then after a delay of ~1.5 seconds, flicks you with his finger. Time your defense.
Bite – Expands his jaw to an enormous size, then bites you after a short delay. As soon as the mouth opens, it can be punched, ending the attack and causing it to take damage.
The fly is annoying, so try reloading a few times if you do take damage.

Afterwards you will head to an alien confinement and automatically release an orange, one-eyed alien (hereinafter one-eyed gunner). Save before the fight
His fight is extremely easy – He closes his eye, opens his jaws and the HMG appears. The HMG has extremely poor accuracy and will never hit you, allowing you to win without a fight. After three attacks, he concedes before leaving. Let him defeat you first by doing something, then reload the save and pass the fight without a sweat.

If you lose against the green alien or the alien fly, you will be sent down to a garbage dump while Gohard is thrown into an alien confinement. Save separately here.
If you wait for 3 mins in the dump, you’ll get a game over. Here are the answers to the terminal (I had to rephrase them a bit after translating them directly from Chinese):
1+1 = 2 (False) (Okay so the aliens can’t even do math or is this a joke?)
Sun an organism (True) (What?)
You need water to sustain life (False) (Aliens probably drink something else)
Poop smells nice (True) (Liang Fei Fan?)
Love brings joy (False) (Actually, this is what the game is about)
There are 24 hours in a day (False) (This question makes sense, since in reality you have 23 hours and a dozen minutes in a day)
Humans are an intelligent species (False) (Well, we all have xenophobia……)
Are you sure you wanna leave? (True) (The only question that cam be answered wit common sense)
Save after escaping from the refuse dump.

You will get zapped if you try to open Gohard’s cell by hot-wiring the button, leading to a game over.
If you release the one-eyed gunner he will also lead to an instant game over,
Reload the save after trying both of them out.
Try to play Rock Paper Scissors with the two-faced alien, Since he will cheat when you make a move, simply click the 3 buttons from the right to the left and he will concede. The logic is that you can also cheat by quickly changing your action. The smiling face head would give you a solar token as a reward for defeating them (the other angry head disagrees and hates you, but can’t override the decision). Give the token to the only remaining alien we didn’t mention and he will repair the electronics for you. When you try to hug Gohard she would try to push you off since your clothes are still dirty. The alien who just helped you can’t withstand the stench and offers you a new set of clothes.

You will arrive at a space shuttle regardless. (Gohard needs you to unbutton the mech arms if you did win the fight, and while you’re at it she screams, telling you that you got the wrong button, implying that the apparatus extends below her shirt and you probably almost took off her underwear by mistake). Save after that.
Try to get all fails first and reload each time.
If you try to activate all the buttons on the ship and launch it……uhh, to get the ship out, open the gates first and remember that drills don’t exist.
If you hit the button near the gate, the main gates do open but the pressure difference would suck you (and Gohard) out, leading to a game over.
Open the door in the bottom of the switch and grab the mini button, then enter the ship. Push the button and launch……err you can’t fit an army tank through an office building without getting stuck!
Go to the window in the back (where you can see earth) and push the button. The ship’s artillery gun fires, and somehow obliterates earth in one shot (Should Waifu be alive until this point she would have died happily) (Oh come on this ain’t the death star……)
Also note there’s a single-seat rubber ducky ship. Dunno what is that for.
Correct launch procedures:
Grab the mini button, then push the main gate’s button. The ship will be lowered into a wider passage. Enter, activate everything, and push the main button.
It is estimated that it would take 5 hours to get back to earth. She would address you with more intimacy on the ship and even invites you to her house, revealing that like you, she lives alone. She is also a game addict and has a lot of snacks (possible reference to Himouto Umaru chan). She even implies that you should start a relationship with her, although this accidentally caused you to launch an escape pod, much to her embarrassment.

Game autosaves here. Your objective is similar to the cat game – avoid all space debris and make sure you pass that undamaged (reload if you do take damage). You can also fail it for an extra ending and then reload.

Alien Planet
After you land the game would make an autosave.

Grab the glass dome from the crashed escape pod. Gohard would be looking for you, but you won’t be able to reach her. Drink the water first and you’ll turn into a slime. Another nearby slime greets you, telling you that the water has mutagenic properties and he was also a victim (there’s a space suit nearby, which may prove his claim). The only method to revert that is to get kissed by a girl (frog prince reference). The slime gives you glue. Save after that.

Gohard is armed with a big stick (Theodore Roosevelt: Lol carry a big stick) (Where the heck did she get that anyway?). If you approach her incorrectly, she will kill you, and likely the other slime too should he remain in sight.

The correct approach procedure is to slowly crawl to her, freeze yourself then dash. Glue her feet.

If you didn’t glue the slime beforehand he will kiss her and it is a game over.

After getting these endings, reload. Trap the slime with the glass dome, then use glue on him so he’ll be stuck there forever. Then approach and kiss her. After an explosion you’re back to normal, and she angrily complains that a disgusting creature kissed her and threatens to kill it (that means you) should she see it again. You could really see the flare of jealousy from the other slime’s eyes.

Now if you don’t have the mechanical arms with you, Gohard reveals that the ship crashed into a massive octopod, which died on impact, and only 1 escape pod is functional. You can choose to return home yourself (selfishly leaving her to die since there are monsters everywhere) or stay and let her leave, and you’ll probably die.

If you did win all previous fights, the ship is crashed on obstacles, and the octopod approaches. There is an autosave before the octopod fight so you can quickly reload. Lose to the octopod first, then load every time you take damage until you can cheese the fight.

Octopod is a unique opponent in that it can be killed in six hits instead of 3.
First phase:
Tentacle swing – Octopod does this attack depending on which tentacle it uses. For the left and center one (relative to your direction, not of it), it swings and strikes. For the remaining one, it does a false swing before the real strike. Again, timing is critical on defense. Once you block the tentacle, quickly attack and sever it.
When octopod has lost 3 tentacles, the second phase begins:
Rock throw – Octopod grabs a piece of rock, waves it in the air for 2 seconds, then throws it at you. Block it with timing. The rock can be destroyed by attacking.
Laser – Only used following a rock throw, Octopod fires a laser which damages you and cannot be blocked unless the thrown rock slab is still on you. After the laser has been fired, it takes some time to recover, so immediately attack as soon as it is over and the Octopod will be damaged. It still has 3 health, although the tentacles redirected the first 3 hits.

After suffering from significant damage, Octopod continues its attacks at Gohard (whose hair sprite turns into magneta instead of brown) until it crawls to you instead. She tries to help but is slapped in the face by it. In a panic, you accidentally press both buttons of the remote, which fires a devastating white beam from its antennae right through the Octopod, killing it instantly before exploding on another slab of rock behind. Shocked, Gohard questions you why did it remain unused, even though you don’t know why it was there in the first place and holds only one shot.

Gohard is relieved that the Octopod is slain, although more monsters approach. They are fought off in the ensuing static cinematic with teamwork. After they are all defeated, Gohard continues smoking until you pick up on the topic of your relationship which she denies saying on the ship. At the last second you and her would discuss on having children. (Yeah that’s weird, although legal since they’re both 18+ and therefore adults.) And they lived happily ever after……

To the other world
After committing arson in the arcade by accident, Michael warps you to the other world in Hero forest. (At least it’s better than being ran over by tractors, a squad of tanks or a heavy truck). You will spawn in the forest but with no offensive abilities. An enemy slime appears and summons reinforcements. You’re scripted to be defeated here.

As the game plays the game over audio, you are revived by an unnamed magical girl with an eye patch on her right eye, (the game sometimes refers to her as a witch for a weird reason but Space needs a better translator anyway) (whatever that’s under the eye patch is a dark void of destruction). She explains to you that you actually died and she did revive you (revival items exist in the game and probably worked like the way she mentioned). She explains that Hero Forest is a location where heroes are sent from time to time, and she doubts your ability as a hero (since you were, obviously, sent there). She tells you to pull a toilet plunger from a toilet (reference to the Excalibur), and you quickly succeed, and a purple cloak appears on you. After exclaiming on her long wait for an eligible hero, she kisses you, causing an explosion. That technically signs a pact where if you are romantically involved with other females, you’ll explode, even if that wasn’t your idea. In this world, the hero and the witch are supposed to team up and cleanse all evil, although right here it seems unnecessary since they’ve been long gone (nah just kidding you thought the Korean war was won for nothing?). She will introduce herself as (´・ω・`) and then lead you to the Rookie Village. (How do you even pronounce her name?) Enemies will spawn en route, though you could just escape – after all, while you do lose coins when escaping, you don’t have anything to lose right now.

The Rookie Village has been devastated since its inhabitants are quite weak and eventually died fighting or starved. (´・ω・`) leads you to an empty inn (whose owner supposedly also died) and explains that resting in-game refills your health, mana and also revives defeated characters.
Before you actually fall asleep though you’ll ask (´・ω・`) why, and she claims that she has been waiting for 100 years in this world, since witches can only be in love with heroes and vice versa. Entities do appear in the hero forest, one of which is Michael, although they didn’t managed to pull out the sword. She does NOT want to be left lonely again. However you’ll have to save the burning arcade……

Now, fight mechanics:
The game operates with turn-based combat. Usually you and your team attacks first, unless the enemy does a pre-emptive attack. You and your allies can choose to execute actions such as attacking, defending (which does nothing, but decreases enemy damage), use skills (costs mana) or other items such as Poison. Only one action per team member per turn.
You get coins if you win a battle. Some enemies such as the hand trio can steal coins from you. Other enemies may carry unique abilities – The graphics card can supercharge itself after each attack and become stronger over time. Poop explodes after a set number of turns, damaging you and your allies. The frying pan mom does two AOE strikes.
You can have a maximum of 3 members in your team.

Items from vending machine in rookie village:
Happy Milk (30) – A box of orange juice. Restores 50 health. (Based on a real-lie juice brand)
Blue Milk (50) – A box of unknown liquid. Restores 50 mana. (Based on a Japanese McDonalds meme)
Revive Pill (150) – Revives a defeated fighter and also restores 50 health. (Effectively 120 since Happy Milk costs 30)
Poison (40) – Subtracts 100 health. Can be used on enemies. (How do you eat a liquid)
Level 2 Can (100) – Upgrades a fighter from lvl 1 to 2.
Rookie Village also has a fighter named super rookie which can be hired for free, though his abilities aren’t impressing.

Go to the physical village and visit Shermie in the workshop. She will give you a list of raw food to find in the hero forest. Be sure to save beforehand. Note the stripes on the bananas, loops on pigtails, spots on mushrooms and color of the berry. Otherwise you’ll explode when you try to cook stuff. After Shermie drinks the completely normal soup she praises on your skills and offers to repair the bridge leading to the east end of the map. Go get some sleep. (´・ω・`) reveals to you that she wants to marry you (she even has a house picked out). At this point, you should gather funds by fighting enemies (they randomly appear as you walk around), but in general avoid crossing the bridge and fight monsters on the other side since they are much stronger. You should make a save right after you have enough funds to buy ALL the furniture (2300) (I don’t know why Vending Machines and high-tech items exist in this world) but before you could purchase them, then, buy all of them, marry (´・ω・`), and reload the game.

Get 10 bottles of poison. We’re gonna fight the possessed swordsman. (´・ω・`) will provide some lore on it.
The cursed sword is originally a strong katana, owned by a warrior (who resembles a stereotypical Japanese dude) who is constantly seeking for a better blade. Though it can easily slice away at rocks, he is still unsatisfied and demands a blacksmith to improve it. The blacksmith initially rejects but after repeated requests, complies eventually. His efforts were successful, and now the blade can even easily dispel air, forcing him to also enhance his lung capacity so he doesn’t suffocate. However, he ultimately becomes dismayed and believes the sword can be even stronger. The same blacksmith turned him down again until the warrior pleads with him multiple times. Then, the sword became miraculously sharp, so powerful that it cannot even be stowed. When the exited warrior tried to swing it, however, he created a temporal fracture and is stuck forever within a limbo. Subsequently, the sword became possessed, radiating negativity and darkness everywhere. The current user, who snatched it for whatever reason, became a bloodthirsty murderer. She then adds that the swordsman isn’t that strong – only the sword itself is.
(You can see some advertisements for hair growth items in the elevator……)
The Swordsman has a powerful physical attack (use your level 3 skill against him). His only ability disables one ally for 3 turns. He has 700 health, so the best strategy is to throw poison at him and eventually exhaust him (having a 3rd member can be helpful). After that you’ll get the cursed sword. Ironically, it cannot be used as a weapon. Save your game here.

Try to reach the red tent on the right. In addition to the previously mentioned items, it also sells:
Level 3 Can (1200)
Level 4 Can (2200)
Level 5 Can (3800)
Fire Extinguisher (9999) – Useless. Come back and pick one up later on.
Don’t forget to upgrade your characters which improves their defense, health, mana limit, damage, and unlocks more skills. Your level 4 and (´・ω・`)’s second skills are effective against minor enemies (only up to 3 foes appear anyway) If the 3rd team member is removed, they still keep their upgrades and can be recruited again.

Deep in the Other world
Get 2 bottles of poison and move to the inverted castle on the right. (´・ω・`) tells you that since it was made by bats (who are known to suspend themselves inverted on trees when they rest), the rest of the fortress remains opaque. Use the cursed sword on the wall to break through – yes, the sword breaks, but at least you could enter. You’ll be confronted by a batman who deems you as an intruder and must be defeated. He has only 200 hp, and heals himself upon doing damage but 2 poison bottles will end the fight. After conceding, he recognizes you as the hero and informs you that the entire place is in great peril. Their empress has fallen asleep due to a malfunctioning clock and most other bats left for the unknown, with him being the only other bat left behind. He wants you to wake her. In exchange he will reward you handsomely. (The bat is honest on that part)

There’s a pile of fake books at the bottom of the shelf. Grab them, then head to the right. There is a grand staircase though since it is inverted you can’t get up, and batman realized that you team can’t fly. He tries to get you up but fails since he is quite weak (he complains that everyone is too fat). He then informs you that he needs a strength pill, which was developed by an unknown person in the Physical Village that eventually resulted in its reputation. ((´・ω・`) was aware of this though it wasn’t useful until up to this point).
To get the strength pill, you need to pay the man guarding a hatch 200 coins. Inside you will meet a guy named “Chemist”, , a geek (like you and Bobo, he has a PC in his place) and the only person who works on his titular subject. He asks on how did you gain access to his lab, then remarks negatively on how the man is scamming money everywhere. He gives you a strength pill for free, telling you that it is rather easy to reproduce. He offers to join your team. It is optional to hire him or not, since, like all fighters, Chemist can be hired and fired as many times as you want.

However Chemist’s 5th skill is critical. Assuming that you have x coins, using it will inflict 0.5x damage to a target at the cost of 0.1x coins. This means that you can one-shot an enemy provided if its health equates to the amount of coins you own, and even if it does not die in one turn, you can still inflict 90% of the original attack’s damage, which should be able to kill that enemy easily. It costs relatively less mana to use too. The disadvantage is that you might need to stock up on coins – Who knows how many you’ll have to spare anyway.

Before we return to the bat, however, head to the lake. Save, pack some poison bottles and set off. There, the fallen Giant greets you, telling you that he was severely corrupted by a disease and wants you to eradicate the source so he may rest in peace. He then opens his mouth should you accept.
The fungus has one attack – It spews murk on you, inflicting some damage. The fungus has around 1100 health (11 bottles of poison = 1100 damage). After it dies, the Giant thanks you for your work, and (´・ω・`) gives you a growth cell. This item is crucial, as while it is a one-time consumable, it can be used to upgrade a character once, and it is free. Best used on a level 5 upgrade to save you 3800 (like Chemist).

When you get Chemist to lvl 5, head back to the castle and give batman the strength pill. He will become much stronger as a result. Head to the middle floor first and use the lever. Water will pour out of the fountain and onto the ground, causing the bat to angrily rant (ironically, it should not be installed like that in the first place, as you would mention, though the bat claims the opposite since they like everything inverted). Head to the top floor (return to the bottom first) and grab the vacuum (use the books since they somehow glued it to the ceiling). Turn the vacuum backwards, click the red button to obtain its container, then try interacting with the container again a few more times to obtain a dirty item. Head back to the middle, use the dirty item in the water and you’ll get a key. Unlock the room and save the game after you enter.

You will see a drawer in the room. Put the books under it, then pull it open, and a golden flashlight drops (well, the topside is uncovered and faces the ground so you know what’ll happen) (that thing seems to be made from pure gold since it is extremely valuable, compared to just a golden tint. gold is a good conductor but that’s just unnecessary) (if the torch breaks the bat will kick you out and you’ll have to get Shermie to fix it before you can return). Head to the top floor again, go inside the room (where batman is dozing off since he’s bored). You can’t unlock the door since there’s no power. Put the books near the opening and get up there. Remove the black cloth and the solar panel will begin functioning (why would nocturnal creatures use them anyway). You will not get the password right so you’ll need to ask batman, who refuses, citing that there’s too much sunlight and he can’t get near (well, again, bats are nocturnal. Could also refer to vampires since they are commonly associated with each other – bat heals upon damaging you, and vampires vaporize with sunlight). Cover the opening then ask the bat again, who will open the door for you. He then recalls that it was the queen’s recording studio which fell into disuse for obvious reasons. The room is always dark (bats use ultrasound to detect things, so they don’t need light), so use the torch and you’ll see things like pianos, drums and other instruments (they are also inverted). Grab the copper gongs and head back down. Save the game, then use the gongs on the empress who, unaware about the batman’s actions, attacks. The bat cannot disobey his empress so you’ll have to fight him off too.

Bat Queen has 5000 health. Batman has 2500. They both heal for 1/3 of the damage they dealt. The queen can also dodge all attacks and skills for one turn. Use Chemist’s 5th skill to defeat them. (You’ll need at least 5000 coins. Defeat the bat first since it is just enough to one-shot him, then try to stall the Bat Queen and chip her off with other skills or poison before damaging her with Chemist to speed up the fight). (Note that Bat Queen wears shoes, skirts, socks and save for the wings/fangs, is entirely human). When defeated, the Bat Queen concedes and is debriefed by batman about the situation. She berates the bat for not telling him, to which he responds that he didn’t have the opportunity until after the fight. While she is unwilling to give away the guitar, batman cites that waking the empress is the priority and she gives you that anyway. (Lose the fight intentionally if you haven’t already to get a game over once, then reload). Bat Queen drives away the batman and offers you to become a prince. If you accept you’ll explode and lead to a game over. Reload after that, then turn down the request and leave.

Rest if necessary then head north. You’ll see a withered forest which (´・ω・`) refers to as the original hero forest, though the hero had since fallen since he is too much of an otaku. You can choose to yell and get his attention which begins the fight (his shirt has hatsune miku on it, and his hairstyle resembles yours). He has 10,000 health, and you’ll need 20000 coins to one-shot him or just 5000 coins to gradually deplete him.
He has several skills which can:
Subtract up to 90 mana from a target then inflict that amount of damage back.
Steal a consumable item from your inventory and use it (that applies to poison as well, so if you don’t keep a lot of supplies, stock up on poison)
Reduces a target’s HP by half of the current amount.
Silences your entire team for a turn and prevents them from doing things.

You might want to skip him until later.

The Departure
Head to the python’s location up north. When he sees you, he’ll become aggressive and attack. (He’ll say something like: “Hey children, if you’re here for whatever reason, DIE!”).

Python only has a fire AOE which hits everyone, and a tag ability which damages a single target. He has 1500 health and so should not be tough to kill. After that, get inside. (´・ω・`) Obviously knows nothing about this place. Enter the portal and pick up the primal world slot card, then remove the Python card and insert it. You’ll arrive in a desert with an anachronistic aspects – There is a partially decomposed triceratops, yet a primal human and an air conditioner exists. Grab the drumstick near the dinosaur, go to the volcano and drop that into the lava to roast it. Give the roasted flesh to the primate and he will reward you with another AC remote. Use it to turn on the AC, then pick up the tape in the frozen lava ((´・ω・`) will sneeze after the world freezes). Return, pull off the slot card and insert the drawing one. Head inside, grab the 3D graphics accelerator and return, then turn over the slot card and insert the accelerator. Get back in, take the bucket of paint in the house, then leave and remove the graphics card. Enter, paint over the red wall, then return again and insert the graphics card. After you meet the little white dude inside he will reward you with another slot card. Leave the place.

Insert the card he gave you. Find the cigarette lighter under the pillow, candles nearby and interact with the dolls to dispose of them. You can read the demonic book if you want. Place the candles, light them, then use the paint. The evil card will ask you to feed it two copies – give him the primal one and the drawing one. DO NOT GIVE HIM THE PYTHON CARD. Take it, exit, then save the game.

You might want to do some gold farming with the First Hero while having all your characters at lvl 5. The process is simple – stock up on revival pills, head back to his place, use the pills on his grave, then kill him instantly with Chemist’s 5th skill. You will be making a profit as long as you have less than 50,000 coins. When you have enough gold, fire the chemist, buy cans to upgrade the physicist and super rookie before firing them too, then grab the Chemist again.

Save the game before you buy the fire extinguisher. Then, head back to the Python’s lair and insert the vile card. It starts to emit smoke, and the final boss from Kio’s adventure pops out (he’s a white dude literally named “final boss” with an orange t-shirt. He can generate a force field with 1000 health and also use spikes, which in the original game stabs kio to death in one hit. He might use a laser as well). Make sure to have enough coins (like 10,000 or more, although he seems to have less hp than the first hero. 5000 damage should be enough to kill him.) After he dies, you get the arcade world’s tape and you can return. Save the game here right after the fight but before doing anything. You can choose to return with nothing, just the fire extinguisher or both it and the revival family bucket. (P.S. The last item’s name is a minor reference to KFC since it also sells entire buckets of food. Isn’t named like that in English, but like I said before, Space needs a better translator). I recommend you to return with nothing first, then just the extinguisher, before doing what I’ll cover in the next paragraph.

To get the revival bottles, get 6 bottles of poison first, but don’t use them until you reach graveyard first. A ghost appears, telling you that he wants to hear a composition enchanted by a soul. Use poison to deplete your health to 0 and use the guitar on the ghost, who would be shocked by the tune and thank you for allowing him to pass on without regrets. Then, two figures (Bai Wu Chang & Hei Wu Chang, which are respectively the white guy with a smile and the black dude with a scowl. Both are mythical entities named their outfits, and they lead ghosts away to the afterlife, similar to Charon the Ferryman) appear to lead the ghost away, before noticing you (since you technically died too). Bai Wu Chang then claims that you won’t get away without a fight.

Both have around 2500 health each. If black dies, white revives him with full hp (with the bucket I mentioned before, though you don’t get to see it here), and if white is low on health he will regenerate rapidly unless he is defeated by an extremely strong hit (i.e. Chemist 5th skill). Both use physical attacks, while Black can additionally use an AOE ability once. Kill white first so Black is left technically defenseless, then kill black. After you win the fight, (´・ω・`) gives you the bucket, adding that it might be able to revive anything. The ghost is surprised that you killed them since he will remain stranded. When you apologize to him and attempt to use the bucket he was like “It’s ok lol you can’t find anywhere to use it anyway. Plus when the two are vanquished their successors will eventually appear to lead me away.” You can then leave the graveyard. Make a separate save here, then buy the fire extinguisher (if you don’t have it) and return to the arcade.

Regardless, (´・ω・`) is heartbroken by this and demands you to stay, even breaking into tears since you promised, though you manage to explain that if you can’t save the arcade, you don’t deserve to give her a promise in the first place. Although reluctant and slightly blushing, she allows you to leave.

If you return to the arcade without the fire extinguisher, you (and possibly Michael) will be burnt to death. (For whatever reason the revive bottles should be spilled in this case so everyone springs back to life.)

If you return with the fire extinguisher only, you’ll take out the fire and Michael will greet you, claiming that only a dozen seconds have passed and if it weren’t for your timely return, he will be killed too. When you ask him to warp you again, however, he refuses. It is revealed that he was curious on the fire’s cause and viewed security footage (uhh why didn’t the security system took damage in the fire even though the whole place would have been destroyed). He realized that you committed arson in his arcade and had the police arrest you. He adds that while it isn’t that much of a big thing if the fire merely destroyed his arcade (implying that he had an insurance. He didn’t burn the place himself anyway), you murdered his clients. (Michael isn’t aware that he could have just moved his arcade to somewhere else after claiming insurance). The cops throw you in prison and you’ll never meet (´・ω・`) again (Arson in China is a capital offense, so it is implied that the cops killed you in jail and (´・ω・`) is left forever alone).

If you’ve grabbed the revival bottles, after taking out the fire you’ll show it to Michael, who reacts with confusion. Then you’ll throw them on the dead people in the arcade (such as Gohard) and they’ll be resurrected. Both them and Michael will thank you for this. (From the jail ending it is implied that in this case, Michael is still aware of your act of arson, but you managed to compensate, and he would have no reason to blame you). Michael later agrees to warp you back, surprised that you managed to find a girl in the other world (possibly hinting that he didn’t have a good time there). You’ll appear in the hero forest and begin to search for (´・ω・`), fearing that she has vanished. However, (´・ω・`) appears close by, apparently already waiting for some time. Despite this she claims that only a dozen of seconds passed after you left the world (I can’t determine the validity. Michael explained earlier that a dozen of seconds here is hundreds of years elsewhere and (´・ω・`) can’t agree more, yet in-game it actually only takes less than a minute to head from the Python’s Lair to the hero forest, disregarding enemies in the way). (´・ω・`) decides to upgrade the pact so you’ll explode when you leave, but you’ll accept that anyway. In the name of love.

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