Outcore: How to Reset the Game (Deleting the Save)

Instructions for deleting the save and resetting your game.   Outcore Save Location The save file for Outcore is save.me. It is located at: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\DoctorShinobi\Outcore\ Note: %USERPROFILE% is a shortcut to typing “C:\Users\your_user\”. AppData is a hidden folder under your User Profile. You can either enable the display of hidden files and folders, or copy and […]

Outcore: Solutions for Idle Game

Solutions for Idle Game. Sub-optimal and over-engineered.   Intro My solutions for Stages 1 through 8. Each script listing is ready to be copied and pasted into the files that the game provides. Stage #1 for (let i = 0; i < 4; i++) { MoveForward(); }   Stage #2 /// internal funcs let commands […]

Outcore: Coding Mini Game Walkthrough

This guide has all the code solutions for level 4 to ????   Introduction About myself: I’m a self taught developer who likes optimizing code About this guide: First off if you’re new to coding i highly recommend you to give it a try it’s so fun and easy. so I honestly made this guide […]

Outcore: The Last File Section Guide

Solution for those who can’t finish this episode because K-Lev does nothing. Spoiler Alert!!!   Desperate times require desperate measures! If you have troubles with “The Last File” section (where K-Lev should make a beeping sound, or his tale must react when you move your cursor to the right folder, but for some reason nothing happens […]