Outer Wilds: All Achievements Guide (Echoes of the Eye DLC)

Here is a guide on how to unlock all achievements in Echoes of the Eye.


  • This guide contains spoilers. You might want to complete the game before you read the guide.
  • If something is unclear, please leave a comment and I will address it.
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You need to find a pile of poo on top of one of the houses in the dream world.

Enter the dream world at the Hidden Gorge so you enter at the Endless Cayon. Extinguish the lights in the house (either by entering through the painting or going through the house and over the invisible bridge). Now you need to go into the house and follow the stairs to the top floor (a few extra doors have opened which reveals extra floors). On the top floors, a pursuer is roaming you need to get past them and out on the top floor balcony. Jump onto the roof from the balcony and make your way to the top of the roof there you will find a pile of poo that will play a song for you. Congratulations you have the achievement!

This is probably easier if you drop your artifact and leave the light area.

Around the world in 90 seconds
Raft around the Stranger in under 90 seconds.

After the dam breaks use rapids to gain some speed. Can take a few tries, practice your turns and straightaways.

Celsius 232.78
Burn a Slide Reel in a campfire.

Take any slide reel to the fire chamber of any tower, there will be an option to burn it.

Early Adopter
Bring a prototype artifact into the dream world.

The prototypes can be found in a box to the right in the workshop accessed through a hull breach on the outside of the Stranger. The prototype looks like a real artifact without the focusing part at the front. Take the prototype and dose of or meditate at the fire in any tower.

Fire Arrows
Shoot the Little Scout at the artificial sun in the Stranger.

I found it easiest to do at the top of the dam. Go there and give it a few tries.

Flat Hearther
Get crushed beneath a moving chain elevator.

For me, the elevator in the hanger did not work. Any other elevator should crush you and give you the achievement.

Ghosts in the Machine
Reach all 3 Forbidden Archives in a single loop without getting caught.

This one might require some practice. Turning on the reduced fright mode might help since it makes the pursuers move slower. There are also some shortcuts that can be used which makes it easier to get to the archives.

Oof Ouch, My Bones
Have your spine adjusted by a pursuer

Drop the artifact and move outside the light range. Now get caught by any pursuer, they will snap your neck and give you the achievement.

Simulation Hypothesis
Attempt to use the artifact at a normal campfire.

Grab the artifact and go back to your ship. Fly to any campfire and dose off.

Sleep. Wake. Repeat.
Be woken up from a dream 5 different ways in a single loop.

Some ways to be woken up:

  • Have your flame extinguished.
  • Die to fall damage.
  • Stand in the fire.
  • Drop the artifact and jump into the water so you drown.
  • Get to close the bells.
The Grate Filter
Swim through the dam grate.

Go to the top of the dam and dive down on the left or right side. There is a grate which you simply have to swim through.

The Silenced Cartographer
Render the Deep Space Satellite inoperable by ramming it with your ship.

Smash into the satellite in a few hundred meters per second.

Ride the face of the wave for at least 15 seconds on a raft.

Wait for the dam to break and catch the wave. Surfs up!

You’ll Never Take Me Alive!
Escape your pursuers by jumping to your “death” instead of dodging past them.

Thanks to noahmay for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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