Outer Wilds: “Ghosts in the Machine” Route Guide (Echoes of the Eye DLC)

Following this guide you should only have to encounter one enemy, and they are very easy to avoid.


The Setup

First of all use the main entrance, that hangar that faces towards the sun.

Then get the artefact from the shack on the right, the one surrounded by ghost matter.

Once you have it, enter the river lowlands dreamscape nearby, and extinguish the totem flame to your right to remove the door, giving you boat access to this area for later.

Activate the totem to the right that summons the bridge across the river as well.

Jump in the water to wake yourself up.

Raft down to cinder isles, and enter the dreamscape inside the tower.

Enter the main complex and head left to activate the totem flame, once again we’re opening this area up to raft access, for when we return in the future.

Once again, jump in the water to wake yourself up.

Finally raft over to hidden gorge, when you get there it is IMPORTANT that you throw yourself on the flames to enter the dreamscape.

Library #1: Hidden Gorge

Once inside the hidden gorge dreamscape, activate the bridge totem flame, then crossit and make your way around to the totem flame that lights the main building, extinguish it, so that the mural on the bottom floor opens.

Instead of crossing the bridge and sneaking past all of our feathery friends, we’re going to cross the invisible bridge on the far left, that puts us near the elevator down to the raft summoning totem.

Use the path around the back of the elevator to enter the building’s bottom floor, you will be chased as you enter the space where the mural was but don’t worry, just keep moving.

cross this invisible bridge and take the elevator down to the library as normal ( I put my lantern on the projector just to be sure that the game counts this as a visit, but I don’t think that’s necessary)

When we come back up the elevator and cross the invisible bridge again, stick to the left wall upon entering the main building again, so that we go back up the stairs, around the back path to the elevator down to the raft summoning totem, avoiding the guard at the opposite end of this room.

Take the elevator down and summon a raft, ride it to the river lowland’s dreamscape area.

Library #2: River Lowlands

By this time, the dam should have broken, putting out the flame that keeps the guards here alive.

Jump off the raft and go through the door that we opened for ourselves way back at the beginning of our run.
(if the dam hasn’t broken yet, congrats on being fast, just wait here until you hear it)

this area should be completely deserted now, simply turn left and up the stairs upon going through the door, up here you’ll be able to focus your light on a grabby-hand-pull-thing off to the right.

Carry on through the underground passage below the tree, into the mansion, through the fireplace and down to library #2.

Come back up and across the lit bridge back to the rafts, as we sail over to our last stop, cinder isles.

Library #3: Cinder Isles

Get off the raft at the pier we activated earlier.

Since we jumped on the fire, the bells here won’t affect us, meaning we don’t have to turn the lights off, meaning the strangers won’t even know we’re here!

enter the main complex, around to the left, and down the elevator to the spiral staircase leading down into the earth.

There should be no enemies at all in this next area.
(I didn’t encounter any myself, but if someone could verify for me that would be appreciated)

Make your way to the end, past the last bell.

If done correctly, the achievement should pop as you ride the elevator down to the final library.

Thanks to rat baby for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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Post Author: Robins Chew

2 thoughts on “Outer Wilds: “Ghosts in the Machine” Route Guide (Echoes of the Eye DLC)

    Kevin Hunt

    (September 30, 2021 - 3:22 am)

    There is in fact at least one guard still in the cinder islands in the main room once you descend the spiral staircase.


    (September 30, 2021 - 10:39 pm)

    The statement for lib #3 isn’t true – there is indeed one enemy, but I’m not sure where it came from. It seems to come either from a lower floor right before the last elevator or it is hidden in the area right before the last elevator. I managed to get to lib #2 & #3 with this walkthrough, but for lib #2 I need to gather more information. To me it seems like there is a door in front of the main building for lib #2 which one couldn’t pass normally – or I just don’t know where the second elevator should be. By extinguishing all the lights for the house, it is difficult to spot the enemies or run away from them, if you don’t know exactly which path to go – and which isn’t totally clear by your explanations. So far your explanations helped a lot at finding some other hidden parts too – so thanks for this and thumbs up.

    PS: For lib #2 – is there any shortcut to get back faster to the rafts? I had to walk the whole tunnel and bridges back to get to the rafts. It is still possible to do this in time, but puts more pressure on you, if you didn’t took this run several times before.

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