Outer Wilds: Hints & Tips (Echo of the Eye DLC)

Helpful Tips and Hints for players having difficulty with certain parts of the DLC but don’t want to be heavily spoiled.


Echos of the Eye basics

Let’s get down to business, this DLC has a large focus on Light and Darkness.

If you remember having the turn on and off lights for the Quantum Rocks in the base game, it’s basically that, expect to be flicking your flashlight on and off for most of this DLC.

There will be moments where you will have to time turning off your light.

Your camera probe can also be used for this since it gives off light, but you will need to time the return to switch it off.

The Stranger

Learning the flow of this Behemoth of an area will be your first focus, but it can be easily divided into 4 separate areas.

– River Lowlands
– Cinder Isles
– Hidden Gorge
– Reservoir

This also applies to the ‘other’ area but on a smaller scale.

Throughout the Stranger are Film reels, these contain most of the hints you need.
Film reels require a projector and a working lamp.

Pray forgive the MSpaint in this guide

The Other Area

Warning: This section may be somewhat of a spoiler.

The Other Area is considered the final area of this DLC.

It contains 4 areas which are ‘linked’ to the Stranger.

River Lowlands – Shrouded Woodlands
Cinder Isles – Starlit Cove
Hidden Gorge – Endless Canyon
Reservoir – Subterranean Lake

This is the point of the DLC where all the Horror elements come in and it is Dark, like Pitch Black.

While you are in this area you will be stripped of all your equipment, don’t worry you can breath.
You will have to make the most of a certain item in this area.
This item will be your only light source and will have the ability to focus light forward and hide the light (2 guesses what this mode will be mainly used for).

Dying or getting Caught will result in you being returned back to the Stranger where you entered the Other.

The Other Area (Work Smarter or as intended)

This part contains a sort of solution, I suggest trying this part first for yourself.

There are multiple ways to solve the ‘Stealth’ parts, the intended way and the other way.

As an example, in the endless canyon when you turn off the lights it starts a stealth section which requires you to sneak past (or rush I’m not judging) about 3-4 ‘guards’ to activate a thing to reveal a Bridge, sneak back past them and past 1-2 more ‘guards’ to reach your objective.

At first you might be like, how about I reveal the Bridge first then turn off the lights I could skip like more than half of this stealth section, then you remember that to reveal the Bridge, you had to turn on a light, if you activate the thing and turn off all the lights, you also turn off the Bridge you need.

That being said you were going in the right direction.
The way I ended up solving it was by activating the Bridge, going across it to get to the elevator that goes down to the docks, send the elevator down by itself, go back and turn off all the lights starting the stealth section, go back to the Stranger and enter the Other through a different entrance, use the Boat in the Other to go back to the Endless Canyon, take the elevator up, sneak past 1 ‘guard’ and I’m at the objective.

The Other Area (Lessons Learnt)

This will be more of a hint than a solution.

3 of the 4 areas in the Other will each teach you 2 types of mechanics.

The first mechanic will usually be an obstacle.
Patrolling Guards, Teleporters, Totems, Statue Guards and Bridges

The second mechanic will be a way to effect the Other, usually through finding shortcuts.
There are 3 of these. 2 are used throughout the Other, and 1 is used for the final Puzzle.
You acquire these by completing the stealth sections.

Thanks to WinterNova for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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