OUTRIDERS: Easy Tier 15 with Harbinger Trickster

Here is a simple guide on how to get tier 15 easily with Harbinger Trickster.


I. Eye of the Storm Solo Showcase

II. Class Tree

III. Skills

With the last node on Harbinger tree, activating any of these skills will also grant you a good amount of shield, making it possible to have your shield up 100% of the time.

Also, Time Rift + Slow Trap = More airtime animation, and allows Time Rift to finish its cooldown even before they get up on their feet.

And make sure to use Dancing Up A Storm emote while enemies are airborne for more morale damage.

IV. Armor Mods


Aggressive Teleportation is one of your sources of damage, alongside weapon mods. Pain Transfer and Long Range extend them, very effectively.


Slot in whenever possible.


  • Geiger’s Wave: (Time Rift) Every enemy affected by the wave receives Vulnerable status.

Good to Have

  • Trample The Weak: Deal 10% more damage against enemies afflicted by Weakness.
  • A Little Bit Of Pain: (Time Rift) Using the skill deals [60% of Anomaly Power] damage over 6 seconds to affected targets.
  • Thunder Dome: (Slow Trap) Receive 100% Shield when the skill ends.
  • Weakening Zone: (Slow Trap) Enemies entering the sphere are afflicted with Weakness.

V. Armor Set

Aim for Cooldown Reduction attribute on every pieces. This is my current personal setup. The legendary armor set bonus is not mandatory, but very welcome indeed. And I’ll probably switch out Short-Term Loan with Geiger’s Wave, since cooldown is already pretty fast.

VI. Weapons


Secondary and Sidearm

Can be anything you like.

VII. Strategy

No need to worry about dying. Use one of your skills to instantly gain shields.

  • vs. Elites: Shoot + Keep them airborne with Time Rift + Slow Trap combo (they’ll barely touch you, even those Human Altereds) + spam Borrowed Time (Aggressive Teleportation).
  • vs. Purple Elites/Boss: Shoot + Borrowed Time (Aggressive Teleportation).
  • vs. Yagak’s Time Rifts: Borrowed Time (Aggressive Teleportation).
  • Small mobs: Irrelevant.

A stupid recording i made a few days ago while using this build (bad quality and probably not very helpful):

Thanks to Ry for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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