Overwatch Will Be Free To Play Next Week On PC, PlayStation4 And Xbox One

If you’re interested in Overwatch and you still haven’t played it yet, you’ll be able to play it for free next week. From November 20 to 26, Blizzard is once again giving a free trial of Overwatch for everyone. The nearly-week-long free trial includes access to the full roster of Overwatch heroes, including the newcomer Ashe, on 19 […]

Overwatch Halloween Skins Revealed Soldier 76 Friday The 13th

Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror event arrivies today, and it brings a lot of creepy skins for Overwatch heroes. The skins include Soldier 76 Friday The 13th, Swamp Monster Doomfist, AKA Doomfish,and a sweet Enchanted Armor skin for Pharah. Also Wrecking Ball had turned into a pumpkin.  The event runs through October 31, and of course brings […]

Overwatch Update Patch Notes 2.52 Halloween Terror Is Coming

Overwatch’s Halloween event is live with the update to version 2.52 on PS4, in addition to PC and Xbox One. The official October 9th update is titled as Halloween Terror and features plenty of new skins. Overwatch: Origins Edition is available for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Like all October updates since release, this […]