Pacifish: How to find the Black Orb

This guide will help you find The Black Orb mentioned in Sam’s Journal. Spoiler Alert!!!


How to find out about The Black Orb

Information about The Black Orb is mentioned in Sam’s Journal.

If you haven’t unlocked the journal yet you can unlock it by repeatedly clicking on Sam, the vector fish, located in The Depths until Sam gives it to you.
Hover over the spoiler below to reveal the relevant page in Sam’s Journal.

What to do to obtain The Black Orb

You might have already figured out that you need to fish for seaweed to obtain the black orb, but you might not know how to do that.

The text on the page in Sam’s Journal about The Black Orb is a bit misleading since the required strategy doesn’t depend on the area you are in at all.
To catch seaweed you need to have a drop rate of 0 for all item types.
The image hidden below shows what that looks like.

When you fullfill these requirments you can catch seaweed and eventually obtain the black orb.
The % chance of obtaining The Black Orb when fishing seaweed is SIKE there is no % chance, you get it when you have catched 100 seaweed or atleast that’s when I got it.

If You don’t want to figure out how to catch seaweed yourself you can go to next Section of this guide.

Empty space before the next section so you don’t spoil yourself if you don’t want to.

Fastest way to get The Black Orb

The fastest way to get 100 Seaweed is by using the Junk Rod with the Double Plug.
Using these items in together will result in drop rate of 0 for all items allowing you to catch seaweed.
The only other way I know of to fish seaweed is using the Junk Rod with Complex Bait but that is SOOO much slower.

The Junk Rod

The Double Plug

Because there are differences in fishing speed depending on the area, I recommend fishing in the Backyard Pond for the fastest casting time.

Because the Double Plug gives you 2 seaweed per catch you should only need to cast it 50 times to obtain 100 seaweed.
Depending on your casting speed this should only take 25-50 seconds.

When you catch your 100th seaweed you should also receive The Black Orb.


If you got the Black orb before or after catching 100 seaweed please comment below since I have not confirmed that yet. Note that there is a difference between having caught 100 seaweed and having 100 seaweed in your inventory.

Despite what Sam’s Journal says I do not yet know what purpose the Black orb has as of yet.

Thanks to Aiz for his great guide, all credit goes to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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