Paint the Town Red: All Achievement Guide (Steam Version)

This guide will go over the methods and strategies and provide tips to unlock every steam achievement for Paint the Town Red, including secret achievements.



Welcome! Before you go into each section for each achievement, you may want to read this first.

WARNING: Secret achievements are covered in this guide and as such you may want to be careful in scrolling too far if you want to find them yourself without the help of this guide.

Achievements are obtainable in multiplayer, but it is recommended to get them in single player just in case they don’t register.

Achievements where you are being timed (like Arena 1 Speedrun) will not count time during loading screens/pre combat.

If you played the game before achievements were added, you should automatically unlock the ones you have obtained in the past upon downloading the update. If some do not load just try to unlock them again.

There are no “Speedrun” achievements for Disco, Pirate Cove, or arenas 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Sole Survivor

Difficulty: Easy

To unlock this one must simply complete any scenario level by killing all enemies and leaving through the exit zone. This must be done in “standard” mode with no modifiers enabled.

Bar Brawler

Difficulty: Easy

Change your scenario mode to “challenge” and complete Biker Bar.

Blood on the Dance Floor

Difficulty: Easy

Change your scenario mode to “challenge” and complete Disco.

Jail Break

Difficulty: Easy

Change your scenario mode to “challenge” and complete Prison.

Swabbed the Deck

Difficulty: Easy

Change your scenario mode to “challenge” and complete Pirate Cove.

Rag Time

Difficulty: Easy

Change your scenario mode to “challenge” and complete Saloon.

Arena Challenger

Difficulty: Easy

From start to finish, you must survive and beat all waves of any arena challenge including the last wave.

Arena Gladiator

Difficulty: Medium

Any 3 arena challenges must be completely beaten.

Arena Champion

Difficulty: Hard

All 5 arena challenges must be completed. This is one of the hardest achievements in the game as arenas 4 and 5 extensively feature beneath creatures, with powerful abilities and durable health values. I will provide more tips on this one in a possible video tutorial.

Biker Bar Speedrun

Difficulty: Medium

The Biker Bar must be completed in under 3 minutes and 30 seconds only in challenge mode. Note that the time will only start counting once you start combat. The time you get on the leaderboard does not determine if you get the achievement or not, it will be the time featured on the victory screen.

Strategy and tips:
There are a lot of bladed weapons in Biker Bar which makes it easy to instantly kill enemies. You can find 1 machete on top of the moose head, another 1 up in the bar’s rafters above the pool tables and the last 1 can be stolen from the biker boss. I recommend gathering them together before combat and then cutting enemies in the head, which is an instant kill. You should be able to relatively quickly take out the majority of enemies in this way in only a minute or two.

The chefs/cooks in the kitchen are a valuable source for knives. Kill them quickly and take their knives to kill swarms of enemies. Note that you can instantly kill enemies by cutting through their legs, not just their brains.

Berserk is the only powerup that should be used. Gather enemies into a dense crowd and use berserk to cut them down in seconds. Blunt weapons like the tire iron are decent, and pool cues can effectively stab. Always have a weapon hand unless you are using berserk.

Prison Speedrun

Difficulty: Medium

The Prison must be completed in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds only in challenge mode. Note that the time will only start counting once you start combat. The time you get on the leaderboard does not determine if you get the achievement or not, it will be the time featured on the victory screen.

Strategy and tips:
I strongly, strongly recommend grabbing the shotgun first. This is located in the windowed room above the level exit in the main lunch/workout area. Once you take it, wait a bit for enemies to group together. Blast it into these crowds, and you should quickly have eliminated roughly half of the level.

Be on the lookout for tasers. Dropped by prison guards, they are easy instant kills on enemies if you hit them in the head with it. Stunsticks and the meat are also good blunt weapons.

Kill biker boss early on and take his machete. Like in Biker Bar, the machete provides a lot of quick headshot kills.

Berserk is the only powerup that should be used. Gather enemies into a dense crowd and use berserk to cut them down in seconds. Dumbbells/barbells/weights are handy melee weapons when you have nothing else in close proximity.

Saloon Speedrun

Difficulty: Medium

The Saloon must be completed in under 3 minutes and 30 seconds only in challenge mode. Note that the time will only start counting once you start combat. The time you get on the leaderboard does not determine if you get the achievement or not, it will be the time featured on the victory screen.

Strategy and tips:
I consider Saloon to be the scenario with the lowest number of powerful weapons. There are a lot of cups, chairs, trays, and pots but not many sharp or strong blunt weapons. before combat, look around for hidden knives and gather them together for quick access near the fireplace. Start combat in the main fireplace room, and use up the knives and fire pokers.

Work your way into the eating area. Start spamming chairs at enemies and save up for berserk.

Berserk is the only powerup that should be used. Gather enemies into a dense crowd and use berserk to cut them down in seconds. After this, unlock the safe room and get the revolver. Use it to headshot the big guy (reskinned solitary prisoner) and then use the other shots on tough enemies, namely the bandits with the saw. Then use whatever weapons are left over and destroy the last enemies.

Arena 1 Speedrun

Difficulty: Hard

You must complete this arena in under 9 minutes and 30 seconds. This is by far the longest arena. It takes memorization of where the weapons are in each wave and which enemies to kill in which order to effectively progress through at a good pace. You should always be armed when possible.

Wave 1: Pick up the sword and start cutting the brawler heads. Then use the other weapons to finish the job. The brawlers will mostly kill each other and ignore the player so it is not too hard.

Wave 2: Kick one of the center pirates with the saber. Cut the rest of the pirates’s heads and then pick up the second saber and finish the job.

Wave 3: Run over to the spikes to the right. Jump into them, grab the machete, and quickly jump back out. Cut the boxers in the head and the wave should be quickly over with the assistance of your allies.

Wave 4: Look to your right and kick down the bouncer with the spiked knuckles. Use these on the katana boss. Kick down the other bouncer with the spiked knuckles and repeat. Kick down the bouncer with the nunchucks and kill the katana boss. Pick up the katana and quickly cut down the remaining bouncers.

Wave 5: Run over to the pillar between the left side group of allies and the chefs. grab the saber there and start cutting at the heads/legs of the chefs. When it breaks, grab a knife and continue to attack the chefs in the legs. Repeat this until all the chefs are dead.

Wave 6: Run up to the boxer and get behind him. Rapidly light punch him near the head/brain and it should be over in seconds.

Wave 7: Run over to the pimp, kick him down and take his cane. Start destroying enemies by hitting in the head and kill biker boss. Take his machete, kill more enemies and take down Blackbeard. Use the saber to clean up the rest while not hitting your allies.

Wave 8: Kick down a prison guard with a taser and attack the other guards. Take their tasers and work your way over to the solitary prisoner while killing normal prisoners and guards. Take him down and kill the rest.

Wave 9: Group up all the pirates and use the shotgun to jump and shoot at their heads. When it runs out, use it up by bashing them with it. Start grabbing flintlocks and cutting down the rest. Berserk is particularly useful here.

Wave 10: Kick down the pimp and grab his metal pole. Use it to stab biker boss in the head, and then punch biker boss and finish him off. Grab his metal pole and stab blackbeard in the head, and using fists again if needed. Take that metal pole and start to attack katana boss. Move over to the bottles and use them up on katana boss. Use the chairs on him as well. Finish him off with some punches and use his metal pole to stab the solitary prisoner in the head. After that you need to rely on your fists and beat them all to death. Pimp can be knocked down again for easy killing.

Go Beneath

Difficulty: Easy

Simply enter the elevator from the Beneath facility and begin your first run.


Difficulty: Easy

This is a very easy achievement where you only need to die to anything in Beneath or die by falling under the elevator in the facility.


Difficulty: Easy

You need to free the Apostate from his cage in Caves 1 of Beneath. This will be marked by the text at the beginning of the level “someone here needs help…”.

On your compass, you can see an orange arrow. Head in this direction until you enter a room with gated entrances. Kill all the enemies and the Apostate’s cage will open in the room, and he will teleport to the facility in a green swirl of magic.


Difficulty: Easy

Encounter and kill a shard lord, which can be randomly found in any level of Beneath. You will know when you have met one by the text on screen indicating it’s name. Note that they can teleport over to you.


Difficulty: Easy

Once you have freed the Apostate, visit his room in the facility and open his menu to view the various shard upgrades. You get these blue shards from killing shard lords, and once you buy an upgrade with the required shards you will unlock the achievement.

Powered Up

Difficulty: Medium

You need to upgrade one of the Beneath classes in the facility with 15 shards in the Apostle’s upgrade menu. This may require a decent amount of grinding.


Difficulty: Easy

Survive all the way through Caves 1, 2 and 3. Once you reach the bridge area that separates the two areas, you should unlock the achievement.


Difficulty: Easy

Survive all the way through Crystal Caverns 1 and 2. Once you reach the bridge area that separates the two areas, you should unlock the achievement.

Resurrect This

Difficulty: Medium

Kill the Necromancer and finish the Beneath run.

On Ruins 3, make your way to the exit marked on the compass. You will enter a boss room through the gates. After a brief introduction, the Necromancer will begin attacking you. Move around the room into the stairs and platforms, and kill the minions while avoiding the traps as they are shielding him. When he is unshielded, engage him in combat and start to drain his health. I recommend using enchanted ranged weapons as they can kill him in as low as 2 hits. Keep in mind he summons enemies in the fight to shield/assist him.

Once he is killed, the screen will go black and you will appear in the bridge area again, except this time, there is a gate at the other side and a minion and a coffin to the left of it. Enter the coffin and complete the run, as the gate cannot be entered at this time.

Into Another Dimension

Difficulty: Easy

Enter a hidden area, Islands.

This is done by starting a new run after killing the Necromancer. Notice the altar near the start of Caves 1 with the altar piece on it. Pick this up and it will take up your shield slot. Make your way to Crystal Caverns 1 (this can be easily done if you have the shortcut unlocked) and look around the level for another altar. Approach the altar once it is found and the game will lock your controls. Your altar piece will float up and attach to the other piece on the new altar. You will then be teleported to Islands and you will obtain the achievement.

Murder Island

Difficulty: Medium

Kill the Aberration, which is the second main boss after the Necromancer.

After completing Islands 1 at the end portal, go through Islands 2 and locate a giant walled island with gates at the exit marked on the map. Go into the gates and the boss battle will begin.

The Aberration itself is never actually seen, only it’s tentacles appear. There are multiple mounds on the ground in the arena that mark where tentacles will come up from. Some of the tentacles do spinning melee attacks, while others lob fireballs. Run up to them and start cutting through them to slowly knock down the boss’s health. Once all tentacles are chopped off, the boss will die and all the enemy summons will die too. The game will put you back in the bridge area with the coffin.

Ghost Trap

Difficulty: Easy

Catch the Pursuer in a Pursuer trap.

In Ruins 2, there is a special device found in the shop. It looks like a pickaxe/net combination tool. Once you buy it, you can go and place it anywhere in the level. Once the Pursuer comes after roughly 10 minutes, get the Pursuer to float over the trap. It will be caught and teleported to the facility.


Difficulty: Easy

Kill the Jerk, who is the pale faced guy who will wander around and push you in the facility if you get close.

After trapping the Pursuer, it will be stuck in a cage at the end of one of the facility hallways. Travel over to it and grab its heart, which is hanging off of a tube on the cage wall. Run back over to the Jerk , wherever he is in the facility and throw the heart at him. He will be covered in blood and stand in place for a couple seconds. After this, he starts to walk over to the Beneath elevator. When he approaches it, a vocal warning will be given which he ignores. The turret on the ceiling will proceed to rapidly gun him down, and blood gets splattered everywhere.

Virtual Reality

Difficulty: Hard

Travel to the hidden area, the Construct.

After killing the Jerk, a blood clot will appear in caves 1 and as you play over several runs, it will eventually explode. Travel to Ruins and keep playing, and you will eventually find a ruins level covered with red vines. Find a room with a trapped Giant Mage, then let the pursuer float over it. Grab the staff and if it turns red, head in that direction. Shoot the portal you find with the staff (created by the Pursuer) and hop through.

Post-Traumatic Mess

Difficulty: Hard

Kill the Trickster, which is the third boss of Beneath.

Once you complete all the scenarios in the Construct, enter the exit zone in the hub area and you’ll be sent to the boss room.

The Trickster has several phases unlike most of the bosses, which need to be cycled through a certain number of times to defeat him. Each of his phases have attacks that pertain to each of the main scenarios, and are overall pretty difficult. During the battle “reconstruction cubes” will appear that must be interacted with to build a huge amount of turrets in the arena stands. Battle through the Trickster’s health bars and keep collecting the cubes, and eventually the turrets will fully build. They will simultaneously launch a massive barrage of bullets at the Trickster, and he will be completely decimated. You will be teleported to Caves 2 unlike the other bosses, which teleport you to the coffin room.

Ancient Battlefield

Difficulty: Easy

Reach the final hidden area, Fire and Blood.

After beating all 3 main bosses and going back to the coffin room, the large gate with the symbols at the end will be accessible. It will open very slowly, after which you can enter it. This will take you to the final area of Beneath.


Difficulty: Medium

Beat the final boss of the game and complete Beneath.

Fight your way through Fire and Blood. At the end, enter the portal and you will appear on a small island in a sea of lava. Run across the rocky path as the rocks crumble behind you. The great spire is visible in front of you, and as you run past it on a large island your screen will turn to the front. The End himself is sitting on his throne. He will get up and the battle begins.

Ash colored skeletons will spawn constantly throughout the battle, with a chance to be holding ancient weapons. Continue to massacre them and dodge The End’s attacks until 2 shard lords are summoned in. kill them and the first two pillars will collapse, wait a while, and the process will repeat with the next 4 pillars, until all 6 of the game’s shard lords are killed. In the final phase of The End, he will become his true form. His magma armor will break away, revealing a pitch black brawler with a fire sword. He acts just like katana boss, and as such is easily killed with some well placed melee hits.Upon killing him, the screen will suddenly zoom out of the arena and fade to black. The credits will begin to roll over the Pirate Cove island with a sunset.

Thanks to Supa Player for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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