Panzer Dragoon Remake: 100% Achievement Guide

Just a quick guide describing how to get all the achievements for a quick game… including special methods for that last one.


A few words…

For the most part this is a short and easy game.
It took me 4.5 hours to get 21 out of 22 achievements here. You’d get most of them without even trying.
BUT all the same, a few things need to be said here and there which might prevent frustration… especially considering a certain final achievement…

Anyhow… before we even get to the story…

Hello World

“Start game”

You’ll get this freebie for opening the game. Couldn’t be more generous.

… and with that said, onto the game proper.

Story Achievements

There is an achievement for completing each stage. I’d recommend playing through the game on Normal difficulty to unlock Pandora’s Box. It used to require Hard, but not any more.
I haven’t actually checked, but in the original Panzer Dragoon, playing on Easy would cap out after Episode 4 and tell you to play the game on Normal to continue. It really doesn’t make that much difference though unless you’re having a lot of trouble with the game… SO…

Drop in the lake

“Finish level 1”

The first level (or “Episode” as they’re called in-game) is as simple as you would expect. Just be sure to shoot down enemies before they can fire projectiles at you. Oh, and be careful not to impact the architecture. You will take damage if you fly into a pillar.
The boss is a simple enough airship fight, but it consists of several distinct stages with their own damage cap… so if you’re shooting at it and it isn’t taking damage, you need to wait for it to transition to the next stage. After it does the stage where it drops torpedoes and you shoot down all three of them, you can finish it off once it starts moving again.


“Finish level 2”

Episode 2 has a bit more monster-density than the first. It also starts spawning some enemies behind you or to the sides, so you should get used to rotating the camera. Keep note that some of the creatures will fly by pretty quickly, so be sure to catch them with your lock-on attacks if you’re going for high hit percentage.
There is a stage when you enter the cave where you’re stopped temporarily. You can’t dodge here, so keep an eye on your radar and shoot down enemies before they can hit you.
The boss this time has no health stages, so it should die pretty quickly if you’re aggressive.

Sunset Boulevard

“Finish level 3”

Episode 3 is my personal favourite in the game. Such cool music! Lots of easy targets. A bunch of stationary targets.
You shouldn’t even begin to have trouble until after circling around the gun-turret ring. A few fliers will come out from behind rocks and may shoot you if you don’t down them first.
The boss has two parts that have their own healthpool. They connect together in two orientations at first, but once you kill one of them you’ll have to take down the other individually, so this boss fight can end in two different ways depending on which you kill first.


“Finish level 4”

This is where the game first starts to get a little tricky for the unwary.
You don’t need to rotate the camera for most of this episode as you will be flying through a narrow system of tunnels full of rapid-moving enemies and you can’t evade easily unless you’re facing forward.
Some enemies will only appear on-screen very briefly so you’re best off using the lock-on to target them quickly and let go after they’ve flashed by. Other enemies like the ones hiding on the floor in the big rooms can be shot down with normal shots before they pop up and shoot at you.
The boss can be awkward if you don’t know you’re supposed to shoot at the armoured parts and NOT the supposedly vulnerable parts between. The two arms and the head are your target, and its attacks vary when you break parts of them.


“Finish level 5”

You’re back out in the open again above a forest.
Keep a close eye on the radar and the view in front of you here as you can be attacked from various directions. Also choose your targets carefully as this game has a few mini-boss type enemies that can take quite a bit of concentrated fire to put down, during which time other enemies may pop up, attack you, then vanish off. One of the later miniboss fights also has energy shots coming at you from somewhere below the forest canopy so be careful.
The boss itself is a complete walkover though. Normal shots are more effective than lock-on shots against the rotating gun-turrets. And the second stage is just effortless.


“Finish level 6”

This was the first stage where I died. You will be dumped right into the thick of it in a coastal city with an old friend circling around you. Don’t bother shooting at him since you can’t kill him here. Just take care of his projectiles and all the other enemies coming at you from both directions (some are camouflaged against the city, while there are ships on the water side).
After the first stage it becomes a bit easier. Just shoot down anything that pops up and be careful not to fly into the bridges.
There is no boss fight for this stage assuming you can take down the heavy aircraft quickly when it first shows up.

The Great Storm

“Finish level 7”

This is just the final boss. Prototype Dragon gets an upgrade and starts attacking you over the water. I personally found this a bit underwhelming compared to the Saturn original. There are a lot of projectiles firing at you, but if you’re really aggressive with your attacks you should be able to kill him before he kills you regardless.
Hard Mode has an extra fight at the end here, but nothing particular needs to be said about it.

Performance Achievements

Another chunk of achievements that rate how well you do in your playthrough of the game, though honestly they’re far too generous.

Ninja dragon

“Finish level with hp >= 70%”

Easy. Far too easy. Any level will suffice, but you’ll probably get this after Episode 1 without even trying.
Just remember the two basic defensive strategies:
You can shoot down most oncoming projectiles with normal shots… OR… as long as your camera is facing forwards, you can dodge around most attacks by pushing the crosshair to the opposite corners of the screen. Just keep in mind that if you’re being attacked from behind, you can’t dodge while looking back.
And don’t fly into architecture. Really.
My last run through Episode 1 the ONLY damage I took the entire stage, including the boss, was from carelessly hitting a pillar by trying to fly around it on the wrong side.

You will have noticed after your first episode that you get a little score screen noting how many enemies you hit, how many you let escape, and your shot-down ratio. Well, there is an achievement for getting >70% on every episode (except the last).
As I said before, this is a bit too generous, as most enemies aren’t difficult to hit, they all show up on the radar, and at least in the first half of the game it isn’t too hectic on-screen.
Just make sure you keep the lock-on shots charged and sweep the spinny squares over the centre of the screen consistently and you should get all of these quite easily. If you don’t, you can always replay the episode.
Nothing need be said about them individually…


“Finish level 1 with shoot ratio >= 70%


“Finish level 2 with shoot ratio >= 70%


“Finish level 3 with shoot ratio >= 70%

Shark with laser eyes

“Finish level 4 with shoot ratio >= 70%


“Finish level 5 with shoot ratio >= 70%


“Finish level 6 with shoot ratio >= 70%

… In case you’re wondering, this is my personal record for shot-down ratio overall (though I kinda screwed up Episode 5 that run):
It isn’t that I’m good at it (I’m dyspraxic so my reflexes are atrocious). It is just easy.

Oh… and since we’re still doing performance-based achievements…

Not good enough

“Die at least once”

Not getting this achievement is honestly more of an achievement than getting it. BUT odds are you’ll probably screw up somewhere sooner or later. It was Episode 6 in my case.

Fiddly Achievements

I didn’t know what to call this section, honestly.
I’m just grouping most of the remaining achievements here since they don’t have much of anything in common. They all require a little bit more explanation than the previous ones though.

Hidden menu

“Open shadow menu”

Anyone who played Panzer Dragoon Orta will be familiar with the “Pandora’s Box” feature as a cheat-menu unlocked by completing the game.
Anyone who played the original Panzer Dragoon may remember the cloudy scene at the end where it tells you the input code for “Scenic Mode” (invincibility).
THIS game gives you the input code for Pandora’s Box (i.e. the cheat menu… or “shadow menu”) in the cloudy scene after playing through the entire game on Normal or Hard and watching the credits. It then tells you that you can access it in big red words at the top of the title screen afterwards.

In case you weren’t paying attention, the code is: ▲,▲,▼,▼,◄,►,◄,►,B, B

You have to input it VERY QUICKLY on the title screen. I did it with the controller but I believe it works with the keyboard too. If you’ve done it right, the screen will switch to the next menu and the achievement will pop.

Now… a few things here…
Firstly, Pandora’s Box is a cheat menu with level select, “god mode” (i.e Scenic Mode), a weapon cheat, fast mode… etc. You can use it to play any specific stage in the game on any difficulty with any of those codes active… BUT only that stage. Some achievements can trigger from Pandora’s Box and others don’t. The key being that once you’ve played a stage, you don’t continue onward but instead get shunted back to the box, even if you selected a cutscene.
Another thing with noting is that this game does have cheat codes like the one to access Pandora’s Box (but nothing to do with it) that can be input at the start menu and correspond to the individual cheat functions IN Pandora’s Box… BUT I’ll get to those shortly…


“Play level on god mode”

Just go into Pandora’s Box, switch God Mode on (ticked), choose to start not Episode 1 but just the cutscene. Yes really. You can start the cutscene, immediately skip it to return to Pandora’s Box, and this achievement will pop.

I don’t think the other achievements can be triggered through Pandora’s Box. Maybe the Leeroy one, but I didn’t test it since there is little point…

But here is one that definitely doesn’t, even if it seems like it should…


“Finish level 7 on hard”

What it means is “Finish the campaign on Hard”. You can’t just go to Episode 7 on Hard in Pandora’s Box to get this. You need to play through the entire game.
Anyway, you’ll already have this if you played through on Hard difficulty in the first place… but it doesn’t take very long to play through the game again, and you will definitely do better the second time than the first since the enemies are always in the same places, so you can memorise the whole thing.
PLUS if you only intended to play through the game once or twice, it wouldn’t be a good use of your money, would it? Well, that and you’ll want to get some extra play-time in now. Just saying…

I’m about to mention a couple of other cheat codes here since it is worth knowing. It is entirely your choice whether you use them or not, but counter-intuitively these do NOT interfere with most of the achievements in this game. I’d at least recommend playing through the game without them once or twice though, hence why I didn’t mention them at the start.
There is a thread about them on the discussion board, but there is also a bit of accidental misinformation there, so I’ll try to clear that up here.
And again, you have to input them QUICKLY on the title screen.

God / Scenic Mode
RB, RB, LB, LB, ▲, ▼, ◄, ►

Alternate Weapons
◄,◄,◄,◄,◄,◄,LB, RB, ►,►,►,►,►,►,►,►,►
(That is 6 left, LB, RB, 9 right)

You’ll know when you’ve input them correctly.
Anyhow, I absolutely DEFINITELY recommend trying the alternate weapon code out for the next achievement…

Useless feature

“Finish campaign on any difficulty without auto aim”

What it means by “auto aim” are the lock-on attacks. The Arrows of Light. It means you can’t use any charge attacks for the entire playthrough, relying on normal attacks to kill everything.

Now you could just go through the game alternating between A and B on the controller (or the Left and Right buttons on the mouse) and manage this… but there is an easier way:
The Alternate Weapons code I mentioned.
With that active, A / Left button will function as normal for a single shot or a charged shot, but B / Right button becomes repurposed into an automatic fire button. Holding it down will just fire a rapid stream of normal shots. Using just that for the entire game qualifies for this achievement too, and is a lot less finger-intensive than hammering the buttons continuously.

… Alright. And now this odd one.

Leeroy Jenkins

“Finish a level without killing a non-boss enemy”

This one is mostly straightforward… but I’d recommend doing it on Episode 2 rather than Episode 1 for one simple reason: Episode 1 has some normal, non-boss enemies spawning IN the boss-fight. Shooting those down disqualifies you for this achievement on that stage.

So get to Episode 2. I did it on Easy difficulty, but it might work from Pandora’s Box. Not sure.
You just have to fly through the stage and not attack anything. Ignore the enemies, dodge whatever they shoot at you. You could even tank a few hits since you’re unlikely to get seriously hurt on Episode 2.
Do NOT shoot the sandworms.
Just stick to evasion until the Prototype Dragon pops up… then annihilate him in seconds.
The achievement should pop after that. Easy.

If you’re anything like me, getting all those should not have taken long at all. As I specified…. it took me 4.5 hours to get this far, and I wasn’t rushing.

… BUT all of that is meaningless now.

That One Achievement…


“Have 100+ hours in game”

… Yes, you read that right.

So… a game for which a single playthrough takes less than an hour, and for which all the other achievements can be gained in 4.5 hours… has an achievement for spending 100+ hours in-game.

Oh… and get this…
According to our resident developer BluNectarine, you need cheats completely DEACTIVATED for the time to count towards this achievement. So any time you’ve spent playing with cheats active does not count towards this.
Yeah, there are people annoyed about this… and it might change in the future…

BUT there is a silver lining…
There are two ways to get this achievement. Or 1.5 since they’re mostly the same…
Well, there are probably more depending on just how hard you’re willing to push your luck… but I won’t go into those.


i.e. The Completely Legit Way.

As long as the cheats are off, you can just idle this game on the Title Screen overnight.
Just turn the game off if you’ve got it on… to reset any cheat variables or whatever that might be active. Turn it back on. Skip the cutscene… and get to the Title Screen:

Now… you need to have the game active, in-focus, on-screen. The music needs to be playing. The shadow of the dragon needs to be periodically flying over the screen.
And then you turn your monitor off, leave the computer on, and go do something else for a while.
And by “a while” I mean 100 hours total.
If you’re not using any other tricks I’ll detail shortly, this will take AT LEAST 4.16 days… if you leave the game running CONSTANTLY for the entire duration. If you want to do other things with the computer it will obviously take longer. Probably more than a week.
But hey… everyone has to sleep sometimes.

You can check the hours clocked in the Stats screen, or since you’re doing it normally, your Steam profile should also give you a pretty similar read-out of the amount of time spent in the game.

Now… this is the important bit… so PAY ATTENTION!
Once you’ve clocked 100 hours on the stats screen, you need to complete a level. Starting the game and playing through Episode 1 will suffice.
Only once you’ve completed the Episode will the achievement pop letting you know you have no life (or rather that you left the game running while you lived your life like a smart person).

Anyhow… as I said…
There is another way… sort of.


… i.e. The Cheat Engine way.

What if I told you that you could get the 100+ Hour Achievement in just 20 hours?
It can be done.

You may have heard of a program called Cheat Engine… right?
Well, you’ll need that. Don’t worry… we don’t be doing anything complicated nor super-cheaty (I mean we’ve already used the game’s built in cheat codes, right? This is less than that)…

You can get it HERE[] … so go download it.

Right. Got that installed? Good.

Now… just like you were doing this the legitimate way… go to the Title Screen with the in-game cheats deactivated and the dragon shadow flying over, etc.
Then alt-tab out, open up Cheat Engine…
Depending on version and your OS colour scheme, it should look something like this:

Well, that flashing button in the upper left… the one that says “Select a process to open” when you hover the cursor over it. CLICK THAT.
Then in the Process List, select Panzer Dragoon Remake and click Open.

You’ll be back on the main Cheat Engine screen and it will have some numbers and “Panzer Dragoon Remake.exe” at the top.

Now the real magic here is a little tickbox over on the right that says “Enable Speedhack“.
What THIS delightful function does is change how fast the game runs.
There is a little slider which dictates the value to multiply the run-speed by… but for most games going higher than 5 doesn’t work. This is one of them. 5 is the highest you can go.
SO set the Speed slider to 5 and click the Apply button below it.

Then click back on the Panzer Dragoon Remake window. Remember the game has to be in-focus for the time to count towards the achievement.

At this point you’re just waiting EXACTLY the same way you would if you were doing this the legitimate 100 hour way…

… except the game is now running at 5x normal speed. And that means the in-game clock keeping track of how long you’ve played for is also running at 5x normal speed. This is good.

Anyway… you’ll still have to turn the monitor off and leave the game running overnight.
It took me 2 nights of idling at 5x speed on top of the 1 day of playing to get to this stage:

Then all I had to do was to play Episode 1… and the achievement popped.

100% Achievement Get!

116 hours clocked in 24 hours played.

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