Parkitect Achievement Guide (Steam Version)

This guide goes in depth on how to get every Steam achievement for the theme park simulator game Parkitect.



Overview of the 100 percent achievement completion for Parkitect.
Number of achievements: 34
Offline achievements: 34
Online achievements: 0
Difficulty: 5/10
Minimum play throughs: 1
DLC required?: Yes, Booms and Blooms and Taste of Adventure DLC are required
Time: 40-50 hours (rough estimate)
Missable achievements: None, level select and none required at certain part of campaign
Glitched achievements: Potentially 3 (Globophobia-Tier 1 and 2, Nuisance)

Table of Contents

Quick Page to show you which category each achievement falls under.

Campaign preferred achievements:
A Good Record
Cold Hard Cash- Tiers 1, 2 and 3
Popular Park- Tiers 1 and 2
Dirty Jobs
World Class Park
The Big Boss
Familiar Faces
Globophobia- Tiers 1 and 2
Payback Time
Lab Assistant
Demographic Data
Fun out of 10
Harmless Gamma Radiation
Swing the Hammer
The Parkitect
One Small Step
The Lunatect

Sandbox preferred achievements:
A True Tycoon
Overly Attached
Adrenaline Megalopolis
Popular Park- Tier 3
Wild Ride

Campaign Preferred Achievements

The first step in this process is completing both the regular campaign mode and the Taste of Adventure DLC campaign mode with all optional goals. These achievements are better off earned in the campaign. This will earn you quite a few achievements if done correctly. See the tips and tricks section for a guide more information about completing these scenarios. This will earn you the following:

A Good Record- The first achievement on your journey requires you to maintain a profitable park. This can be done easily by hopping into the tutorial, which is found in the campaign mode. Follow the steps and when you see the counter to the left of your guest count and above the money you currently have that shows how much money you are making per month turn green, the achievement should pop.

Cold Hard Cash- Tiers 1, 2 and 3- These achievements will unlock when you earn 10,000, 25,000, and 50,000 dollars in a single year, which is 1 hour on normal speed. This will unlock on your campaign play through if your park is running for 1 year and you are making at least $833 per month (1 in game month= 5 min) for tier 1, $2083 per month for tier 2, and $4,166 per month for tier 3 (on average). These should all hopefully be unlocked after completing the Batavia Cay scenario with all optional goals, which is located around the middle of the campaign mode.

Popular Park- Tiers 1 and 2- To unlock these, you need 500 guests in your park for tier 1 and 1,000 for tier 2. Tier 1 will be awarded after completing the Western Roundup scenario (around the beginning of the campaign), and Tier 2 will be rewarded after completing the Batavia Cay scenario. Although you might have to go out your way to get tier 3, which we’ll talk about later.

Dirty Jobs- This achievement requires you to clean 50 shops. This will happen naturally along your campaign play through as long as you are somewhat constantly getting your janitors to clean your shops, which happens automatically but can be done manually by viewing the shop and clicking the clean button, located under the button to delete it. This can be done across multiple parks.

World Class Park- This one should happen naturally on your campaign play through, as all you have to do is earn high park ratings, and some scenarios will require this to complete. See the tips and tricks section for more information on earning high park ratings, getting guests, and completing the scenarios.

Foodie- Another achievement that you will easily earn naturally on your play through. This is done by selling 10,000 food or drink products. As long as you are supporting the guests hunger and thirst needs, you will get this achievement. This can be done across multiple parks.

The Big Boss- This one is done by hiring 100 staff. This will happen naturally unless you always have a staff shortage, so no need to worry about this. This can be done across multiple parks.

Familiar Faces- Hidden. This one will hopefully happen during your play through. It is entirely luck based and will happen when get one of the developer (or other special named) guests enter your park. If you are very unlucky and don’t unlock it, you can unlock it while unlocking the Crowded achievement, which will be mentioned later on in the guide.

Amusemineer- Unlock this by building 100 rides. They do not have to all be different, they can be the same. Unless you some how manage to complete the campaign with a very serious ride shortage, this will unlock naturally. This can be done across multiple parks.

Globophobia- Tiers 1 and 2- These can be unlocked by popping the balloons on top of the balloon shop after it is built and stocked, which is done by double clicking them. Unfortunately these are glitched, and may not unlock. I tested it with my friend as I already had them all, and we couldn’t find a way to get around it. This can be done across multiple parks.

Nuisance- Also hidden. This is done by popping a few of your guests balloons after they bought them, by double clicking them when they are in there hands. This achievement, unfortunately, is glitched just like the last one and may not unlock. This can be done across multiple parks.

Payback Time- This might not happen naturally, but a very easy way to get this is taking then immediately paying back all the loans after completing the goals of a scenario. After doing this a few times, it will unlock. This can be done across multiple parks.

Marketeer- Run 10 TV ads for this one. A very easy achievement, as this can just be done by running TV ads for your shops, which only cost $100 each, as suppose to running one for your park, which will cost $12,000. This is done by going to the last tab in the finances panel and selecting a shop to run the ad for. Make sure to run it for the minimum time. This can be done across multiple parks.

Lab Assistant- A bit trickier then the previous ones, as this requires you to research 100 rides. If you constantly are researching rides and giving the research team a good budget (at least $200 per month), you shouldn’t have to worry about this. This can be done across multiple parks.

Demographic Data- Might not happen naturally, as market research might not be something you normally do. Easily can be done by running a market research campaign for every scenario you play, even when you get the achievement, as this will help for the next one. This can be done across multiple turns.

Thrillseekers- Build an intense but popular coaster. If you followed the steps listed in the Demographic Data achievement, you can find a scenario with a high preferred ride intensity. This will not likely happen very early game, but when you find the scenario, construct a coaster that has an at least high excitement rating (although very high or extreme is preferred) and an intensity of very high. Make sure the intensity is coming from things like inversions, not tight or unbanked turns, so the excitement rating will go up. After letting the park run with this coaster open for a little the achievement should unlock. This is better done in the campaign as it will make you tons of money and completing the scenario will be much easier with this coaster. You can stop with the market research after this.

Fun out of 10- This is probably the hardest one yet. It requires you to build a coaster will an excitement rating of over 75 and an intensity and nausea rating of under 40. This should be done on a coaster with none or very little inversions, such as the powered or mine train coaster. Avoid tight turns and always have a decent amount of inwards banking on the turns.

Harmless Gamma Radiation- Hidden achievement, but very easy, just go into the visualizers menu and select a filter under people, such as decoration. This can help you see park statistics too.

Swing the Hammer- Can happen naturally, requires banning 50 vandals. This can be done manually or with security guards. Vandals wear backwards ballcaps and bandanas. To make this easier, avoid selling ballcaps at the souvenir shop.

The Parkitect- Will be rewarded when the regular campaign mode is completed. See tips and tricks section for guide and more information.

Completionist – Will be rewarded when the regular campaign mode is completed with all optional goals. See tips and tricks section for guide and more information.

One Small Step- Will be rewarded when Taste of Adventure DLC campaign mode is completed. See tips and tricks section for guide and more information.

The Lunatect – Will be rewarded when Taste of Adventure DLC campaign mode is completed with all optional goals. See tips and tricks section for guide and more information.

Sandbox Preferred Achievements

These are the achievements you will want to unlock in sandbox mode. This should be done after collecting all the campaign preferred achievements as you will have more experience, but it is up to you.

A True Tycoon and Hoarder: For these you need to have $100,000 at once and make $100,000,00 across all parks. The second one seems impossible, but you can get it in under 15 minutes using a very easy cheat. Just make a large map in the scenario editor and make a goal like have 1 guest in your park or have no loan debts that rewards you will 100,000,000 dollars once completed. You will have to add 100 rewards of 1,000,000 though. Once this is done, load the map then complete the goal, then use this to get the next achievements. This can be done across multiple parks.

Overly Attached: Hidden achievement, to unlock, use this park and trap a guest on a path not connected to the entrance or other path, and proceed to the next achievement, as this will eventually unlock after 10 in game years. Keep the game on 3x speed so this goes quicker!

Adrenaline Megalopolis- This is one of the hardest achievements to get. You will have to build every single ride at least once. This can be done across multiple parks. Build every ride in this park unless you are 100 percent positive you have already built it. Don’t forget to build rides from the DLC’s and hook them all up to paths and queues so you can get the next achievement.

Popular Park- Tier 3- There is a chance you might have unlocked this in the campaign mode. Even if you already unlocked this, you should still just open up this park and let the guests come and get a sandbox park to 1,500 guests. This can be done across multiple parks. Once you have done this, proceed to unlock the next achievement.

Crowded: Hidden one, but also can require a bit of grinding. You may already have progress on this if you finished the campaign or played in a sandbox park before. Close your park with all the guests, then when most of them clear out, open it again until you get them back and then repeat the process. This can be done across multiple parks.

Wild Ride: If you have been following this guide, this should be the last achievement you need. You need to make a 1 hour long ride. The requirements, again, seem a bit ridiculous, but this can easily be done by downloading Mr Bones Wild Ride from the Parkitect workshop and placing it in your park. Then wait for 20 minutes on 3 times speed, and the achievement is yours.

Tips and Tricks

This section contains tips and tricks for completing both campaign modes with all optional goals.

There are a few very important things you should do to complete the scenarios with all optional goals first try. Number 1 is charge as much as possible for your rides. Crank the price up! The excitement rating times 0.15 rounded up is the ride price, use a calculator if needed. (ex: 63.7 x 0.15= $9.55 rounded up= $10) Number 2 is focusing on gameplay. Some decoration is good, such as walls to cover up facilities and restrooms. But going overboard leads to you failing the scenario’s time goal.
Number 3 is ride spam. When you have lots of money, you can spam a bunch of the same coaster with good stats and attract tons of guests. This may not work in some scenarios from the DLC as there is optional goals restricting blueprint usage. Number 4 is trapping guests to hold the goals. Although this will not work to reach a guest goal because it makes them unhappy and no one new will come in, it will work if you have to hold experience ratings or guest count. Delete the path in front of the exit and they will be trapped and cannot give your park a bad experience rating or decrease guess count. Note this will NOT work if you have to hold a happiness rating or something like that. Number 5 is underground sections on coasters. Having lots of these will massively increase the excitement rating and let you charge more for the rides. The final trick is to get the intensity from inversions and tunnels, not sharp turns or no banking.

If you are trying to avoid cheesing the scenarios, some of these tricks might not work for you. And if you are trying to make a very good looking park, go for the optional goals in a different play through.

Thanks to nothotsauce for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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