Partisans 1941: 100% Achievements Guide

Here is a 100% Achievements guide for Partisans 1941



I Made this guide myself hope you enjoy. Sorry if there is any bad Grammar !!!

– Trophy Difficulty: 3/10 ( Highly Depends on Difficulty Settings )

– Approximate amount of time : 20 – 30 Hours ( Depends on Difficulty Settings )

– Missable Trophies : as long as you don’t delete your save slots NO !!!

– Difficulty Doesn’t have any Effect

Story Related

Story related, cannot be missed.

Enemies Related

It will be obtain during your progress.

You can get this Achievement after first chance you have grenade in mission 2 . just drop a grenade in middle of the yard and it will pop up.

There are several chances to get this . For example in Death Squad Mission you can drop the Wagon on Patrol or You can Drop Woods in mission 8 on enemies.

1. First of all you have 5 abilities for your new character so you should use them to upgrade him.
two of them are necessary to upgrade : – Whistle Radius – Quick kill ability !!!
2. now try to make the train cross the map and by this way so many of enemies will be gone . to run the train you need to go in the right side of map and speak with a guy and then pull the hammer , after that so many of enemies will be disappear automatic !!!
3. After you moved the train and enemies numbers reduced in the map go and kill everyone quitely then turn off communications and then go for brimier and kill him silently.

You can put a Mine in the way of patrol or set some traps in mission 8 when you are prepare to defend enemy attacking.

I Will Add Detail Soon . . .


There are too many enemies in this mission . First try to reach execution and save your hero in time then you are free to clear the map. it’s recommended to play on Easy Difficulty and use quick save and loads.

Easy to get just like it writes.

Just try to use every characters at least one time in each mission . Also you can join your hero to a mission and then load to partisans camp and change it . This Achievement will be obtain after mission 11 when all heroes gathered together.

It’s a Side Activity for Mission 13. You Don’t have to pick a bomb to destroy aircrarfts this time just like you did in mission 9. Just go and interact with aircraft and you are done!!!

Details Will be add soon . . .

Slender Bertha is Mission 14 . Death Squad is Mission 6. Potato Führer is mission 9.
It’s Highly Recommended to play on easy and kill everyone silently . If alarms went on and body found , as long as you didn’t spot it’s not problem. But as i Experienced you need to do side activities along with being silently to get this trophy . Other than that it didn’t pop up for me when i went straight to main activities.

For this Achievement you don’t need necessary to bring Sanek into 5 Missions. Just choose a partisans camp and enter the Sanek inside mission then load the camp again and do this 5 times then you will get this trophy.

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