Party Animals: How to Fix Cannot Join or Create a Room Issues

Party Animals is a new funny game released on Steam recently, the full game will release later, however, you can play the demo now. here is a simple guide on how to fix the issue that you cannot join or create a room, each tap to joining or creating have a spin loading circle for more than 5 min.


How to Fix Cannot Join or Create a Room Issues

Try to change your local language to English. Follow these steps:

1. Press Window+R
2. Type intl.cpl and Enter
3. Change Format to English(United States) and Apply
4. Restart your computer

Credit to JMB


You can claim your free copy of the demo on Steam anytime between now and October 13 (a week from today at the time of writing). There’s still no official word from Recreate Games on exactly when the full game will be released, but the Steam page currently has it down to ‘Late 2020’—which can’t be that far away at this point. The game offers both online and local multiplayer, so it has the potential to become the go-to game at all the virtual Christmas parties we’ll be attending this year.

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