Pax Nova: Save File Location

Pax Nova is a sci-fi turn-based 4X strategy game where you lead the fate of one of several factions divided between three races. if you want to edit the save files, you need to find them.


The normal places that you look first for or find your saved games (almost all of them on Steam) are:

C:\Documents\My Games\(Name of Game)
C:\Steam\Steam apps\common\(Name of Game)
C:|Steam\userdata\(a string of numbers)\(another string of numbers)\remote\savegames

There might be one or two folder names (such as \Program Files\) inserted right after the C: depending on how you and Windows have things set up and where you placed your Steam Directory.

Really OLD games will usually have their saved game file as part of the main game file.

Sometimes you have to do a Windows search on the (Game Name) to find the saved game files. Another way is to search for recently changed/modified files (preferably today just after midnight, after you have saved a game).

you will find your saved game files in

\Documents\My Games\

folder which seems to be a place that Microsoft and Windows have as a standard place for things, although the

\Users\(User Name)\AppData

can be found also with a lot of files under three different folders here { Local or Local Low or Roaming}. You can find files from a lot of different programs (not just game programs) here in this general area. The problem with this way is that it may be specific to an individual user (which might be what is desired), but with multiple users, a lot of files may end up being duplicated many times for each user of the computer that do not need to be duplicated. The problem is that these files are often in a hidden file name.

There can be variations on these names and paths as well when you actually find the saved game files for a particular game.

As you can see you have had a lot of experience in trying to find exactly where to find your saved game files for a particular game. Mostly because most games have very POOR utilities for handling their save game files,

i.e. not being able to use sub folders(files) to store saved games in and

being forced to DELETE saved games ONE AT A TIME when you have VERY MANY of them

(which is the Main reason I have to find where they are really located on my computer. I usually have a LOT of saved game files and deleting them one at a time is very tedious).

By Dray Prescot

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