PAYDAY 2: Achievements Guide (Crimson Shore Update)

Achievement Guide for the Crimson Shore Update!


Contract information

Difficulty variator values:

  • 0.50 1:00 after the alarm was raised
  • 0.75 after completing 1 assault
  • 1.00 after completing 1 assault


Achievement – Sugar, Lard and Scorpions

Sugar, Lard and Scorpions

Find the churro. Unlocks the “Undead Peacock” mask.

Top of the chandelier in the main hall. Unlocks instantly upon pickup.

Achievement – We Expect You to Die, Mr Buluc

We Expect You to Die, Mr Buluc

In the Buluc’s Mansion job, kill Buluc in a spectacular way.

Do-able both stealth and loud. First release the shark by hitting the button next to the tank in the inner sanctum. After making Buluc fall into the water by damaging him, a sequence will play through for the achievement.

Achievement – Everything but the Patio Furniture

Everything but the Patio Furniture

In the Buluc’s Mansion job, secure all available loot bags in stealth.

Unlocked upon securing all 21 loot in stealth:

  • 5 small safes with coke inside:
    • Bedroom (east)
    • Office 2F
    • Inner sanctum main room
    • Inner sanctum left side under stairs
    • Pantry (west)
  • 3 coke on table in inner sanctum main room
  • 1 weapon in garage (east)
  • 4 of each (money/coke/weapons) in wine cellar

By blinya and Youtube Unknown Knight

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