PAYDAY 2: AFK Exp Farm (Step-by-step Guide)

Afk Holdout exp/rewards/achievements farming step by step.


Step 1.
Start Holdout with bots.

Start holdout offline with ai: on or online with ai: on, drop in: prompt

Step 2.
Bots equipment.

Im using: Thanatos .50 cal sniper rifle

Step 3.
Bots near the hostage.

press “z/y” on the bots to stay in place near the hostage

Step 4.
Every map: AFK location.

1. Boat Load (better with 1 bot close to you)

2. First World Bank

3. Golden Grin Casino (better with 1 bot close to you)

4. Heat Street

5. Mallcrasher

6. San Martín Bank

7. The Alesso Heist

8. The Big Bank

9. The Diamond

Step 5.
Claim your rewards.

After 30 mins go back and claim your rewards!

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