PAYDAY 2: Anarchist SMG Build

This is my Anarchist SMG build for personal reference and friendly discussion.



This build may not be competitive at high levels of play, but works great on Overkill or Mayhem.

Very little utility like drill upgrades, but doc bags and inspire helps keep the team up. The main purpose of this build is the do a lot of damage quickly and sustained over time. You will be running around full auto and just blasting enemies. You can take on large groups and drop them quick.

With 270 armor, you have more armor than a lot of ICTV builds so you have good survivability. When armor drops, you don’t have much health, but hitting an enemy grants 10 armor every 1.5 sec from Anarchist, and Bullseye aced grants 20 armor for each headshot every 2 seconds. You can choose to hide, or just keep shooting to recover your armor.

Armor: Lightweight Ballistic Vest.

Equipment: Doctor Bags x2.

Throwable: Your choice. I use Incendiary Grenades x6.

Melee: Ice Pick for high concealment and good damage balance.

Skill Trees

Main thing on this tree, get to Inspire aced. Doc bags better than first aid kits for this build.
Forced Friendship basic is optional.
Stable Shot basic is recommended.

Underdog is optional.
Important to get to Iron Man basic. Bullseye aced and Die Hard aced are also important for recovering armor and giving your LBV more armor value.
Scavenger basic recommended.

Hardware Expert basic is optional.
Body Expertise aced is a must, this is where a lot of the DPS comes from.

Sneaky Bastard and Low Blow basic is a must and since the detection is under 5, it will be getting full bonus from these.
Inner Pockets aced is important to let us use the LBV and keep detection low.

These skills are optional.


Primary – Akimbo Heather SMG

The Primary weapon is the Akimbo Heather SMGs. You will only use these occasionally. They eat through ammo. I use them mainly to either take down a large concentrated group, unload into a Bulldozer’s face, or when the Secondary runs low on ammo. By the time these are empty, the Secondary is usually refilled from ammo drops. Be sure to pick up ammo drops as much as you can. I suggest having them highlighted on the screen. Picking up many stability mods here due to the hit to stability of akimbo weapons. Accuracy not as important due to using this either up close or into large crowds. Stability is to keep it under control. Use smaller bursts if needed.

Barrel Ext: Suggest Stubby Compensator for damage, stability, and no hit to concealment.

Boost: Need Concealment.

Custom: Auto Fire for stability and damage.

Gadget: LED Combo for stability. Can afford the hit to concealment here.

Magazine: Speed Pull Magazine for QUICK reloads.

Stock: Unfolded Stock for stability.

Secondary – Heather SMG

This is the gun you use 80% of the time. Stability on this is very high and it is so easy to stay on target. The scope allows medium to far range sniping to take care of those pesky snipers and any other target at range. The rest of the time is spent spraying from the hip. I keep this in full auto all the time to make sure to proc Body Expertise. Head shots aren’t as necessary (except to regenerate armor) since you will be doing 90% of head shot damage to body shots.

I skipped the Custom mod because the slight increase to stability seemed to be outweighed by the hit to accuracy. I didn’t like the feel of it, but you can try the Auto Fire mod if you like.

Barrel Ext: Suggest Stubby Compensator for damage, stability, and no hit to concealment.

Boost: Need Concealment.

Gaget: Compact Laser Module for a laser sight with no hit to concealment.

Magazine: Speed Pull Magazine for QUICK reloads.

Sight: Any sight with a max of -1 to concealment. Any sight with -2 or -3 will bring your concealment up too high. I choose the Combat Sight, but it is kind of bulky and does obscure the right side of the screen slightly when firing from the hip. Use the sight for longer ranges/sniping, but hip fire the rest of the time.

Stock: Unfolded Stock for stability.

Thanks to PiRhoManiac for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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