PAYDAY 2: Buluc’s Mansion Achievement Guide

Mainly shows all loot locations for Everything but the Patio Furniture


Loot Locations (Everything but the Patio Furniture)
Be careful, this is one of the hardest stealth achievements in the game by far. There are nine bags of loot dotted around the house, excluding the bags found in the wine cellar. I highly recommend taking the boat entry to easily move out the majority of the loot. Most lootbags spawn as coke bundles inside safes.

In my successful run I used 3 pagers (keeping the last for one mistake) on:
-The roaming guard inside the wine cellar, to make the area safe for moving bags
-The roaming guard upstairs outside Buluc’s office, although you could probably leave him as he isn’t too intrusive. Keep in mind he can walk through the room with the safe while you’re unlocking it
-The meeting room guard in the inner sanctum. The other inner sanctum guard is easier to manoeuvre around while picking up notes, especially when he changes rooms.

The numbered areas in the above preplanning map signify loot locations and are shown below,

  1. The cellar, containing 4 money, coke, and weapon bags. 
  2. The cafeteria. Door directly ahead of you when you turn right out of the wine cellar. 
  3. The garage. In a weapon case alongside the left wall. 
  4. The bedroom. Just a little further up from the garage and kitchen. 
  5. Upstairs, right next to Buluc’s office.
  6. (not shown on preplanning) Inside the inner sanctum, underneath the staircase in the library. 
  7. 8, 9, 10. (not shown on preplanning) Three bags on the table, one inside the safe to the left. 

The achievement will trigger upon securing the last bag.

Sugar, Lard and Scorpions
The plate of churros can be found inside the chandelier in the main hall. You should land on something if you jump into it from the top of the stairs. Achievement triggers instantly upon picking up the plate.

We Expect You to Die, Mr Buluc
Press this button. Achievement triggers when Buluc meets his fate.

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