PAYDAY 2: The Technician Armorer Build (DSOD viable)

Always wanted to help the team with a viable build even on DSOD ? You’ve come to the right place.


How do I play this build ?

Due to the nature of the perk deck, Armorer, you can’t be running around like a chicken. You will be defensive, which is to be expected on DSOD. But you will have the advantage of making the heist shorter, easier, for you and the others with the latest M60 LMG, the high survivability of Armorer and the dedicated skills. Consider this build as a Jack of all Trades build !


Fugitive Tree

  • We won’t take Swan Song in this build, this is my personal opinion but I don’t find Swan Song very useful, especially with how little you will go down if you play well.
Ghost Tree

  • Duck And Cover basic for 25 % speed increase while sprinting, Parkour basic for the 10 % speed movement and the 20 % speed while climbing ladders. You will need it.
  • Unseen Strike Aced, because we don’t have any weapon type specialization skill, Unseen Strike is the go-to, it will give us 35 % crits during 18 seconds if we don’t take damage for 4 second after a shot, the crits are not cancelled if you take damage after the bonus has been triggered.
  • High Value Target Aced for the 15 % damage boost on specials and the 50 % additional damage boost if they are at 10 meters or more, you will highlight specials enemies by aiming at them and the duration of the marking is increased by 100 % (from 4.5s to 9s), useful for your teamates too.
  • The Professional Aced +8 stability and +100 % ads speed and + 12 accuracy for silenced weapons. Very good combined with The Bigger The Better Suppressor, basically a norecoil for your weapons.
  • Second Wind Basic, I would have liked to get it on Ace for the “helping teamates” thing, but we’re out of points. What you could do is -for the heists that don’t need a saw-, remove the saw skills and get Second Wind Aced.
Technician Tree

Steady Grip Basic gives us + 8 accuracy. Fire Control Basic + 12 accuracy while hipfiring, to lessen the rather low accuracy of the M60.

  • I have decided to not take Drill Sawgeant aced, because I need the points for Unseen Strike Aced and I feel like the problem with drills is less about time and more to do with the restarting, therefore I also aced Hardware Expert, we get around 1/3 chance of auto restarting drills.
Enforcer Tree

  • Nothing surprising here, Shock and Awe aced for armor regen for your teamates and knock back shields, we only really have one weapon to work with and it’s the only way to deal with shields without having to turn around them like a monkey.
  • Bullseye for armor gating, obvious. Transporter to throw bags, I wanted to get it aced but because we will be playing with ICTV and we are already slow, it’s not that big of a change.
  • Iron man Aced because Armorer, 280.5 armor with ICTV.
  • Portable Saw basic to get our cute little saw as a secondary.
Mastermind Tree

  • Painkillers aced, might be controversial because Quick Fix is very useful for health based build but I rather be sure that my teamate get the chance to survive 5 seconds when I use Inspire.
  • Stable shot aced we get 8 stability and 16 accuracy standing still, it makes any LMG a very precise and deadly weapon.

Feel free to change the skills as you want if you feel like my choices are not relevant !


This section is dedicated to the weapon you will be using most of the time, weapon as singular, because you will be using the saw as secondary if necessary for the heist. Otherwise I highly recommend a SMG like the Tatonka for higher firepower, this way you still get the benefit of the drill skills without needing the use of the OVE9000 Saw.

M60, most powerful LMG ever.

• M60 recommended attachments :
– We won’t take the Short Barrel, because it gives us – 4 accuracy, and we need them to reach 100 accuracy.
– Barrel Extension : The Bigger The Better suppressor, +8 accuracy and +4 stability boost.
– You can take the Bipod if you want, but it’s very situational imo.
– Boost : Stability.
– Foregrip : Tactical Foregrip, + 8 stability, – 4 accuracy.
– Gadget : Preferably the LED Combo, + 8 stability.

With all accuracy boost and stability boost cumulated, we reach 100 accuracy standing still and 76 stability.

Hidden Stats of the M60 :
Equip Delay (the time you need to switch your weapon until it’s ready to fire) : 0.90s
Ammo Pickup : Min : 5.40 Max : 18.90 (you will get between 5 and 18 ammo per ammo box on the ground.)
Reload time : 6.25s
Tactical Reload (if you reload without the magazine being totally empty) : 6.25s, you don’t get any benefit to reload before your mag is empty.

OVE9000 Saw

I recommend the following attachments, but if you think it can be better let me know in the comments :
– Boost : Total Ammo, +15 ammo.
– Lower Receiver : Fast Motor, + 3 damages. (not sure if it matters but we don’t care about the Silent Motor so…)
– Magazine : Durable Blade, +50 magazine and + 150 total ammo.

The Armorer Perk deck

Armorer, one of my favorites perk deck, very strong and the most reliable perk deck without the need of deployables such as first aids.

Having the Armorer perk deck equipped with all the cards unlocked gives you the following bonuses (not bolded bonuses are common to all perk decks) :

• (1/9) – Type I Armor : + 10 % additional armor.
• (2/9) – Helmet Popping : + 25 % headshot damage. (Note : Multiplicative)
• (3/9) – Type II Armor : + 10 % additional armor.
• (4/9) – Blending In : + 1 Concealement. -15 % on the armor speed penalty. +45 % experience at the end of a day or a heist.
• (5/9) – Type III Armor : + 10 % additional armor.
• (6/9) – Walk-in Closet : Unlock the extremely usefulArmor Bag deployable. + 35 % to your normal ammo pickup rate.
• (7/9) – Reinforced Armor :+ 10 % armor recovery rate. 2 seconds of invulnerability when your armor is depleted. A cooldown of 15 seconds starts as soon as your armor is depleted, that means the invulnerability overlap with the cooldown, so in reality you have 13 seconds unsafe before getting back your invulnerability. (Note : If a sniper hits you when you don’t have enough armor to tank the shot, similar to Anarchist, you will take the shot full force and only after the invincibility will trigger, wasting your invincibility, always be careful with snipers.)
• (8/9) – Fast and Furious : + 5 % damage. Does not apply to melee damage, throwables, grenade launchers, crossbows, and the HRL-7 Rocket Launcher. + 20 % Doctor Bag interaction speed.
• (9/9) – Liquid Armor : +5 % additional armor. + 10 % armor recovery rate for you and your crew. (Interesting for every non stoic player and a virtual increase of the survivability of the team, thus being in the spirit of our build.)

So that’s + 35 % to our armor, + 20 % recovery armor rate for us, 10 % armor recovery rate for allies and 2 sec of invulnerability, nice !

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