PC Building Simulator: Earn Money Faster & Maximize Profits

Here is Earn Money Faster & Maximize Profits, a guide to help you do exactly that in PC Building Simulator! Enjoy!


Key Points
  • Know the budget limits. Story job budgets can be ignored. Non-Story jobs allow 10% over-budget.
  • On every Upgrade and Repair job, replace as many customer parts as you can!
  • Install only New parts into Customer PCs.
  • Install only Used parts into benchmarked PC Bay PCs, overclocked to earn more.
  • It’s okay to be ruthless. This is a game, and a 5-star customer is happy!
Resale Values of Parts
  • New Part:
    • New part prices are worth 3 times the Used part resale values.
    • Value: 3x
  • Used Part being Sold:
    • Used part resale values are worth 1/3 the New part prices.
    • Value: 1x
  • Used Part in Customer PC:
    • You charge the customer an extra 25% when you put a Used part into a Customer PC.
    • Value: 1.25x
  • Used Part on PC Bay:
    • The value is the Used Part value, with 20% fluctuation per the Market.
    • Value: 0.8x to 1.2x
  • Used Part in a non-benchmarked PC Bay PC:
    • The value is the Used Part value, with 20% fluctuation per the Market.
    • Value: 0.8x to 1.2x
  • Used Part in a benchmarked PC Bay PC:
    • Benchmarked PC Bay PCs will earn you the most money!
    • Run 3DMark to benchmark a PC Bay PC.
    • This drastically increases the Resale Value of the entire PC!
    • The value ranges, is often double, and has an upper limit of the New Part value.
    • Value: 1.5x to 3.0x
Getting Used Parts – The Basics
Know the Budget Limits

  • Story job budgets can be ignored (unless required in red), so replace all the parts that you can!
  • Non-Story jobs have a 10% tolerance, so multiply by 1.1 to use the real budget limit.
  • If you stay below the real budget limit, you will not be penalized with a 1-star rating.

Upgrade & Repair Jobs – Replace these parts

  • Upgrade for a 3DMark score allows:
    • Motherboard, CPU, Cooler, GPU(s), RAM, Power Supply
  • Upgrade GPU allows:
    • GPU(s) (required), Power Supply
  • Upgrade to AIO cooler allows:
    • AIO Cooler (required), Case Fans
  • Fix broken CPU allows:
    • CPU (required), Cooler, Motherboard, Power Supply
  • Fix broken GPU allows:
    • GPU (required), Power Supply
  • Fix other broken part allows:
    • Only that part (required)

PC Bay – Buy Used Parts and Used PCs

  • I highly recommend buying every Used part and Used PC, available on PC Bay.
  • Definitely buy every Used Part, even if you don’t need it for a build yet. You will.
  • Especially buy the Broken PCs, because they earn great profits.
  • Sometimes a “Broken PC” will even have nothing wrong with it!
Getting Used Parts – Advanced
Use the “Parts & Unlock Levels” guide for cheaper parts

  • Example scenario: Need a CPU/GPU that is better
  • Filter the Part Ranking column for parts that are better (greater than or equal to a score)
  • Sort by Price ascending, to find the cheapest part
  • This allows you to have more budget leftover to replace other Used Parts!
  • You can especially use this strategy to determine whether switching to a different socket will allow you to steal more parts, when the budget is tight.

Abuse the “HTML Calculator” Build Upgrader on 3DMark Score Upgrades

  • Newer AMD CPUs provide a tremendous “bang for buck” value.
  • On Upgrade jobs, ignore what the Customer currently has.
  • Instead, give inputs that indicate that you want an AM4 chipset, and need to replace as many parts as possible!
  • Recommended inputs:
    • Current Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 Quad Core 1200 (to force a CPU replacement)
    • Current Ram: Single, 2133 (to make sure results will meet our score with cheap RAM)
    • Current GPU: EVGA GeForce GT 1030 SC (to force a GPU replacement)
    • Current Motherboard: B450 AORUS M (to force AM4, allow SLI/CrossFire, support big GPUs)
    • Budget: Put the real budget limit, including the 10% over-tolerance cushion.
    • Score Offset: 1000 (to allow more results)
    • Number Of Result: 250 (to allow more results)
Tips for PC Bay PCs
Resale Values Bonuses

  • Bootup Bonus – When you boot the system, Resale Value increases by $100.
  • Benchmark Bonus – When you benchmark the system using 3DMark, Resale Value increases to be 1.5x-3.0x the Used Part value.

Part Combinations

  • Pair expensive parts with high-end-performing parts.
  • The high performance boosts the value of the entire PC, including expensive parts.
  • If you plan on overclocking for more value, then try not to pair a non-overclocking motherboard with an overclocking CPU, and try not to pair an overclocking motherboard with a non-overclocking CPU.

Multi-GPU (SLI / Crossfire)

  • Deciding to include 2 GPUs is personal preference, really.
  • My recommendation: Do not use SLI/Crossfire for expensive GPUs, but do use SLI/Crossfire if you have extra cheap GPUs in your inventory.

Buying New Parts

  • Should you buy any New Parts to complete a build?
  • In general, try not to do this. Just wait until you can get the final Used Part for your build.
  • But if you have all parts except 1, and don’t want to wait anymore, you can buy 1 New Part, and still expect to make a profit.
  • Pro Tip: If you need a Case for a PC Bay build, buy the “CORSAIR Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA RGB”, because you can put the New Fans into Customer PCs, and miraculously earn a profit on the bare case in a PC Bay PC!

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