Persona 4 Golden: How to Catch the River Guardian & Sea Guardian?

Here is a simple guide on how to catch the River Guardian or Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden game.


How do I catch the River Guardian in Persona 4 Golden?

There are 2 books that you should read. Both are optional, but it will greatly help you. The point in the minigame is to hold down O when the cursor is near the blue and release it at any other point. Try to balance the cursor in the middle and hold O. When you see the Triangle button, push and hold it down to jerk it in. If you hold O down when it’s not in the blue, the cursor will jump everywhere, so just release O. This is a bad thing. Try to limit this as much as possible. If you do it for a long period amount of time, the sides will begin flashing red, which means that the line is about to break if you hold O down when you do not suppose; very soon.


How do I catch the Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden?

Read Question 9, the same tip as before. However, a few new things. The amount of blue area can increase to nothing. That means you’ll need to wait it out until it shows up again. The duration of each catch is also longer and if you mess up somewhere, it only increases the amount of time needed to catch it. You’ll need to have the cursor balance in the middle and when you see it go very small, just release O. This will prevent the blue from completely vanishing. If you do it all the way and you don’t release O fast enough, you might break the line sooner than later. So always release it before the blue is completely gone. Don’t pay attention to the location of the fish and how fast it retracts back/farther away. What you really need to pay attention to is the bar at the bottom. Keep using the basics and stay focus. If you see any indicators pop out, press and hold Triangle down.

That’s all you need to know about how tocatch River Guardian and Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden. Be sure to search for GamePretty for more tips and information on the game.

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