Persona 4 Golden: How to Get Victory Cry

This simple guide shows how to get Victory Cry on a Persona. This can be used for fusion to put it on other Personas and can be done fairly early on in the game.

It is recommended to do this as early as possible, since this fusion relies on you not having a high Social Link Rank with Star.


Why Victory Cry?

Victory Cry can be very useful for the Protagonist, since it allows you to get all of your HP and SP back instantly after winning any battle. This is awesome if your Personas uses up a lot of HP or SP when using skills, such as Hassou Tobi, Morning Star, e.t.c.

June 24th

It is recommended to do this on June 24th, since there is a Fusion Forecast that allows a fusion skill to change on this day when fusing Personas. If you don’t plan on doing it on this day, it should be done ASAP since this guide relies on you having a low Social Link rank with the Star.

Kaiwan Fusion

To start, you’re going to want to be at least level 24 and be on the previously mentioned Forecast day that changes a random skill during fusion, such as June 24th.

  • Save The Game
  • Fuse A Kaiwan (It Is Recommended To Do It With A Fresh Ukobach And Ghoul)
  • See If Tetrakarn Changes To Victory Cry
  • If Tetrakarn Does Not Change To Victory Cry, Reload To Last Save
  • Reload Save If You Didn’t Get Victory Cry

This could take some time, I’ve seen other people be more lucky than others with this sort of thing, and I have tried other ways of doing this but it can be kind of complicated. I find it easier to start early in the game, since the process goes faster without more skills being added from the Star Social Link bonus when fusing, as mentioned before in the guide.

Enjoy Your Victory Cry

Having Victory Cry this early in the game can be very useful in the late game when you’re fusing some overpowered Personas, such as Yoshitsune, or when you want to fuse anything at all that you want to have Victory Cry.

Thanks to Monsterdagger for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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