Persona 4 Golden: Margaret’s Fusion Wishes Guide (Empress Arcana)

Here is a quick guide to help with the fusions for Margaret’s social link.


Rank 2 Fusion – Ippon-Datara with Sukukaja

Required level: 17

Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Justice Archangel
Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Devil Lilim
Temperance Sylph (Sukukaja) + Sun Cu Sith

Rank 3 Fusion – Matador with Mahama

Required Level: 24

Hierophant Anzu (Lv19: Mahama) + Hanged man Berith

Alternate Methods:
Justice Principality (Lv21: Mahama)/Power (Mahama) + Emperor Oberon + Priestess Saki Mitama
Alternate Methods:
Justice Power (Mahama) + Moon Andras + Hierophant Omoikane

Rank 4 Fusion – Gdon with Rampage

Required Level: 31

Death Matador (Lv27: Rampage) + Hermit Ippon-datara (Lv21: Rampage)
Chariot Ares (Lv28: Rampage) + Hierophant Shiisaa
Fool Legion (Lv23: Rampage) + Chariot Ares

Rank 5 Fusion – Neko-Shogun with Bufula

Required Level: 32
Can only be done after 7/20

Step 1. Emperor King Frost (Bufula) + Magician Hua Po = Strength Kusi Mitama (Bufula)
Step 2. Chariot Ara Mitama + Strength Kusi Mitama (Bufula) + Priestess Saki Mitama + Temperance Nigi Mitama

Rank 6 Fusion – Black Frost with Auto-Sukukaja

Required Level: 38
Can only be done after 7/20

Step 1. Hierophant Anzu (Lv20: Auto-Sukukaja) + Temperance Apsaras/Sylph = Magician Jack Frost (Auto-Sukukaja)
Step 2. Magician Pyro Jack + Magician Jack Frost (Auto-Sukukaja) + Emperor King Frost + Magician Pixie + Death Ghoul

Alternate Method, Step 1. Fool Ose (Lv35: Auto-Sukukaja) + Strength Oni = Magician Pyro Jack (Auto-Sukukaja)

Rank 7 Fusion – Yatagarasu with Megido

Required Level: 40

Step 1. Tower Tao Tie (Megido) + Sun Cu Sith = Chariot Ares (Megido)
Step 2. Chariot Ares(Megido) + Fool Black Frost

Alternate Methods:
Death Samael (Lv39: Megido) + Hermit Mothman

Rank 8 Fusion – Yatsufusa with Mediarama

Required Level: 49
Can only be done after 7/20

Emperor Thoth (Lv47: Mediarama) + Hanged man Orthrus + Hanged man Makami + Sun Narasimha + Hermit Mothman

Alternate Methods:
Step 1. Moon Alraune (Mediarama) + Chariot Triglav = Sun Narasimha (Mediarama)
Step 2. Emperor Thoth + Hanged man Orthrus + Hanged man Makami + Sun Narasimha (Mediarama) + Hermit Mothman

Rank 9 Fusion – Ganesha with Tetrakarn

Required level: 50

Fool Decarabia (Tetrakarn) + Tower Cu Chulainn
Alternate Method:
Temperance Mithra + Hanged man Yatsufusa + Fool Decarabia (Tetrakarn)
Star Kaiwan (Tetrakarn) + Star Neko Shogun + Star Fuuki

Rank 10 Fusion – Trumpeter with Mind Charge

Required Level: 67
Can only be done after 7/20

Death Matador + Death White Rider + Hierophant Daisoujou + Emperor Pabilsag + Hanged man Taowu + Tower Tao Tie (Lv38: Mind Charge)

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