Phasmophobia: More Than 4 Player Coop (Game Modification)

I ran in to a small problem. I have more than 3 friends that play phasmophobia. So i modified the game so i was able to play with all my mates. Let me show you how to install it:

for contact and or if you are the developer (and want me to delete this post) please send me an email on the address below


Yes you might have googled on how to play phasmophobia with more players. Well i didnt do so… So i started to go to work and change the game a bit. After i made the modification i started to google who already made a modification, this was because i noticed a couple lobbies with more than 4 players inside. After finding someone elses project i was able to see what they did. I personally wasn’t really a fan of it. Their mod changed the core of the game (by being able to add more ghost’s, change your name, hunting delays etc.)

My mod is basically vanilla + 8 players and no cheats 😉 With more then 8 players the game becomes unstable and no fun anymore. i wouldnt even recconmend more then 6 tbh.

it was quite easy to mod, like any other unity game. Thank you developer for using photon! like i do in my games. (if i ever finish one that is lol)

Let’s start

Let’s go and hunt ghost with all of your mates. The game is still in development so lets check if you have the same version as the file ive modded.
for this go to your game in the steam library and start phasmophobia. in the main menu you should see a server version on the bottem-leftthis version should be 0.174 like shown in the picture:

if all is good then you may go to the installation process.

Installation & download link

For installing the mod is really simple. so lets go!

Right click Phasmophobia in your steam library and go to properties

Go to “local files” and click on “browse local files”

An explorer window with the local game files will now open.
Now navigate to the “Phasmophobia_Data” folder

Now navigate to the “managed” folder

Here you can replace the “Assembly-CSharp.dll” with the modded file you’ve downloaded from the link

!! Be sure to backup your original “Assembly-CSharp.dll” file by copying it to another location or changing the name like i did!!

download link:

dont worries, the download button looks like a scam lol. I’ll get that changed soon

You will have to extract “phasmomod.rar” with winrar/7zip or any other archiving software.

then extract the contents to the folder i mentioned above (“..\Phasmophobia_Data\Managed”)

Starting a lobby and checking if it works

A quick reminder that the mod works is on the main menu. A simple text next to the server version

Please don’t try to join 4 player lobbys that arent modded and full. It wont work..

When starting a lobby make sure to select a map first then invite your friends with the code. (or keep the lobby open to the public)

somtimes the lobby screen glitches so first set everything (items,map) and then invite your friends.

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    (October 9, 2020 - 10:57 pm)

    Hello!!! I fully believe that this isnt a scam and I would like to install, but when I follow the link it says that the requested topic does not exist. Is this an issue with my computer or is this on your end? No rush to fix it but pls fix it lol.

      Robins Chew

      (October 14, 2020 - 3:09 pm)

      Updated the download Link

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