Phasmophobia: The Ultimate Tarot Card Guide 2022

An in-depth tutorial on what the Tarot Cards are, how to use them, and what they mean.



So, you’ve found yourself with some sketchy looking cards while searching for a ghost. Time to play some go fish while this ghost is literally breathing down your necks! Once you draw your first card, you feel yourself become 25% less sane as the card in your hand burns red. You draw another one and your dead teammate is suddenly there. You think this is fun and draw one last one and now, your dead. You just used something called “Tarot Cards”, and I’m here to explain what they are, how to use them, and what they all mean.

What They Are

– Tarot cards are apart of the 6 cursed objects that have a 1/6 chance to spawn in every contract.
– There are 10 possible cards and 10 uses per deck.
– These cards can be good or bad for your team.
– They can spawn in every map.
– Since this is a cursed possession, take a picture of it for some extra cash.
– You can only use the cards inside of the investigation area. If you do manage to use them outside of
it, they will have no effect except for the sanity changing one’s.

What The Cards Mean

🟢 Good Cards 🟢
The Sun
– Increases your sanity to %100
– Chance: %5
The High Priestess
– Revives a random dead teammate at their place of death. If it is drawn before anyone dies, the first person to die will be revived immediately.
– Chance: %2
The Hermit
– Prevents the ghost from wandering out of its room and hunting for an uncertain but short amount of time, similar to smudge sticks except you don’t have to be in the room.
– Chance: %10
🔴 Bad Cards 🔴
The Moon
– Decreases your sanity to %0
– Chance: %5
– Triggers a cursed hunt. All hunts after will be cursed as well.
– Chance: ~%15
The Hanged Man:
– Instantly kills the player regardless of sanity and location.
– Chance: %1
⚪️ Neutral Cards ⚪️
The Wheel Of Fortune
– Increases your sanity by %25 if it burns green after drawing, vise versa if it burns red.
– Chance: ~%15
The Tower:
– Forces the ghost to interact with something E.G. a light, door, etc in the place where it currently
– ~%15
The Devil
– Forces a ghost event.
– Chance: %5
The Fool
– Will pose as another card and switches to the fool shorty before burning. The card has no effect
on the player.
– Chance: %15
– If you draw during a hunt, it will always be the fool.

Card Pictures (In Order)

Notes, Tips, and Tricks

  • Even if no death card was drawn, all hunts after all cards have been been used will be cursed.
  • You should be in a hiding spot when using Tarot Cards in case of a death card.
  • Using the cards, unlike other cursed objects will not lower your sanity (unless it’s a sanity lowering card)
  • These cards are special because they are the first and (currently) only way to raise your sanity and revive a teammate.
  • There is a glitch at the time of writing that will despawn the cards if you drop them. In my experiences, they come back after someone has died.

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