Phasmophobia: Co-op Guide(Team&Communication)

Better team co-operation and organization for ghost hunting Ideas and experience concluded after several co-op games, I have some suggestions for all, especially for beginners. Problems found in co-op include players did not clarify their role, overspend/lack of equipment, without planning before entering, poor coordination, loss of direction. It could be better experience and outcome […]

Phasmophobia: How to Fix VR Crashing

If your VR crashes when loading into the game, try this fix.   How to do it. 1) Right click on Phasmophobia 2) Select properties 3) Under the general tab, press on set launch options 4) Copy paste the following and press OK, For HTC Vive, OSVR and other OpenVR compatible headsets, type -openvr For Oculus, […]

Phasmophobia: PS4 & XB Controller Setup

Phasmophobia can be played on controller, with some caveats. This guide will get you started in configuring your controller for playing.   Introduction/Warnings I use a PS4 controller so the images reflect this. I do not own an XB controller or any other controller, so your mileage may vary. This guide has alternatives for XB […]

Phasmophobia: Crucifix Guide (How to Unlock & Use)

Unlocking the strange and mysterious secrets of every ghost hunter’s favorite weapon: the crucifix.   “What does a crucifix actually do?” The crucifix has one purpose, and one purpose only: to prevent the ghost from spawning to hunt. They don’t stop hunts, they don’t protect you during a hunt, and they definitely won’t keep you […]

Phasmophobia: Tanglewood Street Map

Here is the Tanglewood street map for Phasmophobia game.   Tanglewood I made a map for the Tanglewood Street House and I wanted to share it with you. If you got any ideas of what to add to the map find any other locations for the Ouija Board, Keys, etc. just let me know in the […]

Phasmophobia: How to Fix Microphone Issues

Simple guide that may make loading in to a lobby easier.   Here we go Easy fix, for some users who have multiple/one microphones. Remember, that you should have your microphone that you want to use set as Default in the Sound Control Panel. First, go to Sound Control Panel: Secondly, go to your recording […]