Piczle Cross Adventure: All Hidden Coins Guide

In this guide you will find information on where to find all 10 coins hidden throughout the game.


This guide is spoilered so you can just focus on the ones you simply cannot find. That said, these coins are all easy enough to find, though at least one of them cannot be reached until you finish the main story of the game.

Coin #1 – The village
This one is easy enough. It’s in the dumpster behind the convenience store directly to the right of the area you start the game in. To reach it walk around the back of the professor’s house and leave the screen to the right. Then just press A/click when you stand in front of the dumpster.

Coins #2 & #3 – Rocket World
You will automatically receive this coin when you complete puzzle P-132 in Rocket World, the loot crate (ugh, disgusting).

This coin is lying just right there on the ground along the north wall of Rocket World!

Coin #4 – The Japanese garden
Once you’ve completed puzzle P-164, the Japanese hotspring bath in the very north of the Japanese garden (past the zen rock garden puzzle) enter into the onsen for a nice relaxing dip. Once fully recharged you’ll emerge fully reinvigorated and a coin richer!

Coins #5 & #6 – The city
You can see this coin right there in the alleyway but you can’t reach it? Just walk into the alleyway to the right, walk off-screen and to the left to emerge on the other side of the fence where you can pickup the coin.
MOUSE control is difficult for this one. Either use your controller or the WASD keys to move Score-chan where she needs to.

Another back alley lot with a coin on the ground. You can reach this area by walking behind the buildings to the right, the one with the billboard (P-179) on top of it.

Coin #7 – The snowy mountain
Once you can freely enter the cave with the help of your Japanese lantern (P-163) you’ll find the treasure chest puzzle (P-113), which you can unlock later with the old key you get from one of the puzzles (P-195) in front of Auntie Q’s in the city.

Coin #8 – The forest
This coin is on the river bank in the forest, but you can only get there later in the game, from the jungle area to the right. Don’t forget to shove that old tree log to create a bridge for a handy shortcut!

Coin #9 – The jungle
This coin can be found inside Dr. Mona Chromatic’s evil lair, on the floor just in front of the cradle where she gave life to that metal malcontent under_Score.

Coin #10 – The desert
This coin cannot be found until you’ve completed the main story of the game. After the end credits you can continue playing to, among other things, get this coin.
You will need both the shovel (P-197 in the desert) and the treasure map you’ll find on one of the plinths in the super-secret hidden chamber (did you find it?). With these both in your inventory you can dig it up at the foot of the crossed palm trees at the very bottom-right in the desert.

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