Playstation 4 How To Set Your DNS Server For A Better Online Gaming Experience

Change DNS Server is not a necessary step before play games, but if you need to download big gaming files or plan on gaming online on your PS4, you should definitely consider choosing a good DNS server.

DNS (Domain Name System) server, helps your connection find the IP address of the server its trying to connect to. Some of the potential benefits of using a better DNS include faster downloads, faster browsing in the PSN stores, better connections and pings.

How to change the PS4’s DNS Server

Follow the points below to change the DNS server on your PS4:

  • Go to “Settings”, “Network” and then “Set Up Internet Connection”
  • Select either WiFi or LAN via Ethernet, that’s up to you but we recommend a wired connection for the best experience.
  • Select “Custom” which will allow you to manually configure your connection.
  • In the IP Address Settings select “Automatic”
  • In DHCP Host Name choose “Do Not Specify”.
  • In DNS Settings choose “Manual” and enter the Primary and Secondary DNS Addresses.
  • MTU Settings choose “Automatic” or choose the one given to you by your ISP, if you do not know this choose “Automatic”
  • Proxy Server choose “Do Not Use”

Alternative Method

Alternatively you can also choose to change your home network’s DNS altogether so the settings automatically sync will all your devices. To do this simply log into your Router or Modem and change the DNS settings there.

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Post Author: Caspar Leblanc