Police Simulator Patrol Officers: How to Catch Drug Dealers

Having trouble catching drug dealers? Here’s a guide to help you (applies to the beta until November 2nd).

Note: The Operation Anti-Drug Update is coming November 2nd – Open Beta starts now!


Places to Find Deals and How to Spot Them

Some good places to look for drug dealers include:
Bus stops
Sidewalks near bus stops, parks, and alleysWhen at any of these places, look for two people talking to each other. If one of them hands a brown bag to another person, that means a deal took place. You can even use intuition (LMB by default) to focus on the deal. Be careful when using your flashlight at night and keep a good distance away from the deal.

Arresting the Dealer
After you spotted the deal taking place, run up to the dealer and detain them for distributing drugs. After detaining them, an intuition message usually comes up about them being anxious or nervous. Since you witnessing the drug deal is probable cause, you can search the dealer right away.
If done correctly, you should find bags of white powder on their person. Finally, arrest the dealer for distributing drugs (under the narcotics section) and call transport. If the dealer flees when you attempt to detain them, bring out your taser and make them stop.

Arresting the Buyer

After arresting the dealer, you then go up to the drug buyer. You detain the buyer for possessing drugs. Like the dealer, an intuition message about anxiousness usually comes up. Then, you do a full search of their person. If done correctly, the buyer should have bags of white powder on them as well. You then arrest them for possessing narcotics under the narcotics section.

Thanks to CalFirearm for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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