Police Simulator Patrol Officers: How to Deal With Accidents

Oh no ! Accidents ! Send help ASAP ! This guide will help you through when encountering the event of traffic accidents.



This guide is to help new players to know what to do in the event of accidents

  • Arrival Tips
  • Taking Picture of Evidence
  • Interview of Witness
  • Signs and Follow up
  • Submitting Reports , Arrest , Towing

Arriving Tips

First thing when you arrive at the scene , Park your car behind the accident’s cars and Keep your light and siren on. This will keep the traffic stop and prevent you being knocked down when taking evidence.

Also Check if there are extra witness near the Streets

Taking Evidence

After making sure of your safe surrounding, you may now start to take evidence.
Take out your camera using your tab button.

Right click while holding the camera and start taking pictures of evidence ( Damaged car parts / Fallen parts )


Interview Witness

Before talking to the car witness, Check the plate number of the car / date of car plates

Things to talk to the witness

  • Check id and insurance ( Write ticket for expired )
    DO NOT ARREST IF INSURANCE / ID IS FAKE ( not same insurance record as plate / not same person in id )
  • Take both drug and alcohol test
  • Write ticket if car plates expired
  • Ask witness

Signs and follow up

When you was doing the previous steps. Look for signs of the witness such as shaking etc.

You may frisk a person when they

  • Shaking
  • Nervous

You may search a person when

  • DUI
  • dilated pupils
  • smell of alcohol and cannabis
  • Red Eyes
  • green crumb on shirt

You may conduct a vehicle search

  • DUI
  • Carrying Weapon

Submitting Reports , Arrest , Towing

After all the previous steps ,
Submit your reports ( Your reports should be at max / green . If not max look for what you missed )

Arrest the person that is guilty of DUI / fake doc

Tow car that smokes. ( Still under bug )

Thanks to How To Troll -Episode 1 for his great guide on how to deal with accidents. all credit to his effort. you can also check out the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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