Portal 2: All Doors Locations (Door Prize)

Here is a list of all locations of doors in the Portal 2 game. enjoy the game.


Chapters and Locations

Chapter 6: The Fall
Sections: Cave Johnson and PotatOS(challenge mode)

There are 6 doors total, 3 in Cave Johnson(elevator shaft level) and 3 in Potato(potato level). Each group of 3 are close together.

In Cave Johnson, in the later half of the level there is an elevator shaft and an inclined area for a portal is on a far away ledge with 3 doors. Do not immediately use the incline to jump to the other side, get onto the ledge and press E(keyboard controls) to activate each button next to the door. There should be unique dialogue about random tests.

In PotatOS, the doors are hidden on the top office building that the ledge needed to gain momentum to the ending elevator leads to. There is a door covered in boxes, jump onto the boxes and the door will open. There will be 3 vitrified doors, activate each door’s dialogue and you should get the achievement. (Also Half-Life Easter Egg.)

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