Portal 2: How to Set FOV (How to Enable Console)

Here is a simple guide on how to set FOV in Portal game.


Make sure you have “Allow Developer Console” set to “Enabled” in the keyboard and mouse settings. if you do not know how to enable the developer console. here is the tutorial below.

How to enable the Developer Console
First, Go to<Options>


<Allow Developer Console and Enable.

You can access the console by clicking ” ` ” At the top left of your keyboard below the Esc button.

How to Set FOV

1. Open the console
2. Paste the following

bind w “+forward;cl_fov 120”;bind a “+moveleft;cl_fov 120”;bind s “+back;cl_fov 120”;bind d “+moveright;cl_fov 120”

3. Change all instances of “120” to the FOV of your choosing.
4. Press Enter

This makes it so when you use any of the walk/strafe keys, your FOV is set.
It’s not ideal but it works good enough.

Credit to Firebert

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