Portal Reloaded: How to Make Toggle Zoom Button

Since the game uses the zoom operation to fire the time portal, there is no single key to toggle zoom. With this code you can have one.


Read this!

This code was created because I wanted to toggle zoom with a single click (and jump with scroll). And since the game uses the zoom operation to fire a time portal that isn’t possible with normal keybinds, hence this code.
The button I’ve used is mouse4 (the ‘back’ side button on the mouse), you can change this to whatever else you want.

The code

alias togglezoom “togglezoomon”
alias togglezoomon “-zoom_out; +zoom_in; alias togglezoom togglezoomoff”
alias togglezoomoff “-zoom_in; +zoom_out; alias togglezoom togglezoomon”
bind mouse4 “togglezoom”

How to use it

To use this,

– you will need to open console with ~
— to do so, in the game launch settings add -console (the console does not work otherwise)
Then paste in the console each line of the code above hitting enter inbetween.

paste the code in any of the cfg files in the game’s folder (however, this did not work for me)
-paste the code in “autoexec.cfg” in “steamapps\common\Portal Reloaded\portalreloaded\cfg” folder.
-then open “config.cfg” and in the end add a line “exec autoexec.cfg” and save
-finally, right click on the config.cfg file, go to properties and set it to read-only

this will make any future binds you add or change in the game to not be saved between sessions, so set them before doing this.


The game has some problems at the moment,
-mainly console not opening without the -console launch option.
-and the fact that you can’t use any of the cfg files to do this (unless it’s read-only).

So until these issues are fixed, this is the only solution.

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