POSTAL Brain Damaged: All Secrets & Poster Locations in the Sixth Level (All Are Mad Here, Dude)

This guide is to help those find most of the secrets and posters in the sixth level, All Are Mad Here, Dude.
I would’ve liked to have found all secrets, but I’d rather get a move on. Any help with finding the last secret would be greatly appreciated!


Secret #1: Statue

In the beginning of the level, you will start the game unarmed.
There are enemies and Steroid Pills, go crazy with the steroids to clear out the enemies.
As you walk around the room, you will see a big stone statue on the other side of the room.
It will be guarded by those leg creatures, so kill them and closely examine the statue.
One of the sides will have a misaligned leg that you will need to interact with in order to unlock the back of the statue.
There will be a Double Akimbo powerup waiting behind the statue for you.

Poster #1: The Vaccinated

After you switch some levers to unlock the door, go into it to find a new item called Suspicious Moonshine. Go into the room on the right to get your pistol back.
Go towards the door with the shovel behind it and look up to shoot at the target.
Continue to move through the hallway as you please until you stumble upon a blue door.
Turn right to see a button that unlocks this blue door.
Once you enter the blue door, there will be a room on the left that has this poster.

Poster #2: All Are Mad Here, Dude

Continue up the stairs to find a new type of enemy, Floating Clown Head, and a group of zombies.
The poster is on the right on a board.

Poster #3: Asylum Victim

Soon you will be prompted to enter the contorted hallway to retrieve a Red Key.
Once you get the Red Key, you will be able to enter a Red Door which houses another new enemy, The Nurse. Be mindful that this enemy is rather tanky and can revive some enemies.
Anyway the poster will be in this room.

Poster #4: Farty Pants

Eventually you will make it into a clown room with a bigger clown door.
You will need to enter the two hallways on the sides to pull a lever each in order to unlock the door.
The hallway on the left that has the floating beds and the poster should be right above the door.

Poster #5: Cheer Killer

Next, you will be in this room where floating Clown Heads will spawn.
Take the launch pads to go higher through the level.
The poster will be on the right side if you take the last launch pad aiming for the right.

Poster #6: Lobotomized Creep

Progress through the game as usual until you get to this section where there will be cardboard jumpscares.
You will get to this hallway where a Cage Monster cutout tries to jump you.
The poster will be at the end, but watch out because there’s an actual Cage Monster waiting for you at the right.

Secret #2: Minigun

After you deal with the cage monster, you will enter another hallway with numbered signs that count down from 5.
Once you see the sign numbered 2, STOP.
I HIGHLY ADVISE YOU SAVE HERE. Once you step too far in, you will be dropped down into a point of no return.
Your goal is to slide jump onto that white desk on the right. This may take a few tries, so once again you should really save here.
Once you get on the white desk, jump onto the other side and you will be awarded with a minigun.

Thanks to AZRA3L The Eternal for his great guide, all credit goes to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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