POSTAL Brain Damaged: All Secrets & Poster Locations in the Third Level (T-Day)

This is to help those who wish to get all the secrets and posters in the third level, T-Day.
Definitely not political.


All Secrets & Poster Locations in the Third Level

Secret #1 / Poster #1: Jumping Bean
At the beginning of the level, you’ll see a classic Mexican Jumping Bean vs Prison Guard battle.
You should look at the right for a watery area then proceed into it.
There will be a red container on the right with a Hot Sauce and a poster in it.

Poster #2: Arseface
Soon, you will be dropped onto a wave of enemies while being bombarded by a mortar.
Once you have dealth with all the enemies, there should be a ramp with a launch pad at the end.
Go onto it but make sure to strafe LEFT towards a huge rock, this might take a few tries especially when the mortar still targets you.
You should land on the rock where a poster awaits you.

Poster #3: T-Day
I think once you have found the Penetrator Bow and gotten past all the snipers, gunslingers, and dogs. You should be at a refugee area with a mortar cannon that has a Revenge Button on it.
Go take the path to the right of it, be very careful about the jumping beans that can ambush you.
Once you see a blue Krotchy’s food truck, go behind it to find a poster.

Poster #4: Saxobone
Near where the T-Day Poster was, head down towards the cannon and you should be ambushed by cheerleaders and monkeys. The poster will be on the wall of the mortar tower.

Poster #5: Holier-Than-Thou Launcher / Secret #2: Vending Machine
Once you blow up the wall, you will enter the area and find a rocket launcher. Get it then you will be ambushed by cheerleaders, go ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ nuts. After you kill them, there will be a pack of jumping beans, blow them up before they do to you.
There will be two paths to take here, my advice is to take the left path because you will see an open container on the left with a poster in it.
Next continue on the path until you see another open container in the wall, go inside this one as well. It will be worth it.
Here you will find civilians, a Portable Armor, and a one-time use Vending Machine that will replenish ALL your ammo for your weapons.

Poster #6: Cusslinger
Once you follow the path leading out of the secret, you will be in the trenches. Turn left to see the path back towards the secret entrance, but don’t go fully back. Go take the path on the right of the forked path that’s shown in the picture.
You will be fighting gunslingers and fireball wizards here. Once you get past them, there should be a poster near the end of the path with the health packs.

Secret #3: Crack Pipe
I’m going to assume you made it past the trenches, fought an uphill battle against monkeys, wizards, and tuba guy, and are currently walking up to the huge wall.
To the left of the hole entrance in the wall, you will see some gray ducts.
Go near them to discover an open vent, crouch down to enter and get a Crack Pipe.

Poster #7: Penetrator
In the same area, you will see an elevator and a target. Go onto the elevator on your left and go up.
Walk around the walkway to see a poster at the end of it.

Thanks to AZRA3L The Eternal for his great guide, all credit goes to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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