PowerWash Simulator: All Gnome locations

In every location, in every job, there is a gnome, hidden, watching you at all times… This “guide” will show you their whereabouts and how to avoid them in the near-future.   Doc’s Garage This one isn’t even trying to hide. But you know what they say, “Hidden in plain sight.” Didn’t work this time though. Spray […]

PowerWash Simulator: All Nozzles & Extensions Guide (How to Use)

Ever looked at the white nozzle and thought “Bruh this thing is useless”? Well, this guide will show you some uses, methods, and general overview of all the nozzles and extensions.   Important notes This guide is focused around the equipment for the most powerful Power Washer at the moment, which is the Prime Vista 3000. Don’t […]

PowerWash Simulator: How to Find the Hatch (Clean the Mars Rover)

This guide will show you how to find the hatch on the Special mission called Clean the Mars Rover (Hint: It’s behind the hill in front of the Rover).   Finding the Hatch The Clean the Mars Rover is the only mission available under the Specials missions at the launch of the game. It is also the only mission that cannot be redone […]