Primal Carnage Extinction: Basic Admin Commands

if your admin on a server, if you want to log in you need to type Adminlogin (The password) into the console by pressing F7 or the `/~ key on your keyboard.
After that do Admin enablecheats so you can get access to doing any admin command.
And lastly do Admin god, which protects you from Almost any projectile or some sort of bomb.

Spawning things
There are many things you can spawn in the game but for this example we will be using the Pathfinder Playerpawn, as there is already a guide out there made by LotusYurei and Toriko UM GUUD that have an entire list of all the stuff you can spawn, so credit to them. But basically go into the console by pressing F7 or the `/~ key and type Admin summon primalcarnagegame.PCPathfinderplayerpawn, and it will summon that specific thing.
Did you know you could also spawn vehicles in this game? well we are going to use the dirtbike for this example and by going into the console type Admin summon primalcarnagegame.PCVehicle_dirtbike, and the vehicle will spawn.
Lastly, you can also spawn projectiles and other extras. We are going to use Flare’s for this example.
Go into the console and type Admin summon primalcarnagegame.PCProjFlare, and a flare will or at least should spawn.

Binds are quiet simple and easy to learn, for this example we will use the key m.
So go into the console which you should already know which keys to use to get into it by now and type Setbind m (whatever command you wanted to type) and now after that you just have to press that one key or m in this example, and you can spawn stuff you wanted to spawn like magic.

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