Prime World: Defenders 2 – Tips to Be Pro

Here is the tips to be pro for the game.

Short Tips


If you are short of silver, never ever pay with stars instead! Stars are to valuable for this.

Daily Reward

Don’t forget your daily reward. More in the chapter Daily Rewards.


Most similar effects do not stack. More in the chapter Stacking Effects.

Resource Mines

Swapping a mine does not change the kind of resource.


Do all ship upgrades as fast as you can, but don’t waste stars to speed it up.

Booster Packs

The content of booster packs is getting better with higher player levels.


Crew member Pied Piper is a mixed blessing, because only the player gets more XP. The towers are not effected!
I used him only at the end of the levels, when my main towers had already max XP.
More infos about the crew members in the chapter Crew Members.


Daily Rewards

The games rewards you daily for starting the game.
Even if you don’t want to play a mission you should start the game and grab your reward!

You have 28 days to get all 25 rewards of a table. Of course the last row contains the best rewards.

Here you can see the first three tables.

The faces are additional crew members.


Stacking Effects

Most similar effects do not stack.

prime injector + deadly strike = bug?

How does DoT stacking work?


Towers and Strategy

The best low-level towers

Your standard tower openers?

Post your best strategies

Bad legendary towers


Crew Members

The description of the Duelist is not correct, more in the following post:
Questions about Crew


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