Project Arrhythmia: How to Fix Long Level Loading issue

Tired of waiting for eternity to load custom levels? (only applies to Workshop system)


What’s going on?
this usually happens for those who have already played Project Arrhythmia for some time. what happens is the level you have subscribed was hidden in the workshop, so the game can’t figure out what’s going on and waits for a timeout, then goes onto the other levels.
unsubscribing those levels would be the easiest solution, but you can’t do that, levels are hidden, and you can’t unsubscribe from them!

how do i fix it?
1. close the game
2. go to the Project Arrhythmia Workshop page.
3. hover over “your files”.
4. click on the “subscribed items” button
5. there, click on “unsubscribe from all”
6. subscribe to the levels you love, again
7. wait a minute or two before launching the game again


By Engi

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