Project Kat Paper Lily Prologue: How to Obtain All Chalk

This guide will allow you to get all 6 pieces of chalk with most endings. However, if you’re going for that “Chalk Completionest Run”, we’re going to need the “Girls Night Out” ending of the game. Beware of some spoilers! Doing this ending will allow us to get the secret 7th piece of chalk, and maybe even more! We will refer to the Chalk Completionest Run as “CCR” just to simplify things later on in the guide.


The Chalkening Begins

Kat’s Awakening and The Hunt For Chalk

When you press “New Game” in the Main Menu, Kat will awaken in a weird garden like area with a white backdrop as seen below. For our objective, this event is unimportant. Do as you wish here and continue so Kat may awaken in the school building.

Occult Club Room

Once you go through a cutscene where Kat ruins a “Wiji” board game for three girls, our adventure begins…

Kat will make note that the player must review the ritual steps found in her inventory to make sure she gets everything in the room she needs. Review the sheet quickly, but do NOT leave the room yet! Our first target is here.

Chalk #1
Our first piece of chalk is on the chalkboard. Grab it and add it to your collection! If you’re going for the CCR, we have a few extra steps beyond here!

Occult Club Room CCR Steps

Before we leave, head over to the expensive looking radio on the top right as seen in the photo below. Press the “Yes” prompt to turn it on.

Once you do that, the girl sitting in the middle titled “Pretty Girl” will ask you what you’re doing. After that, you can walk up to her and talk to her about various things. Go through all the dialogue till Pretty Girl says “We will probably go home soon.” as seen in the picture below. This is very important for later.

Once that has been completed, you’re good to leave the room for now. Go ahead and exit, we’ll need to do various other steps before returning.

Classroom 3-A

Upon exiting the Occult Club Room, you want to go right. The first door you bump into is our next location where we’ll find two pieces of chalk. You know you’re in the right place if the plaque next to the door reads as the image below suggests.

Chalk #2
When you enter the classroom, you’ll need to do a little puzzle game and move around desks. You will need to do this to explore the room, so proceed and finish the puzzle. Once you do the puzzle, you can freely move around the room. Now you can walk to the giant chalkboard and pick up your second piece of chalk!

Kat will make a comment upon picking up the second piece of chalk. See? She’s got the right idea.

Chalk #3
Don’t be fooled, there’s another piece hiding from us in this room. Luckily, we chalk hunters aren’t so easily fooled. Located at the top right of the room, our next target waits. Grab that chalk from the large piece of furniture and add it to your collection!

Classroom 3-A CCR Steps

Before you do anything, make sure all the shades in the room are shut! With that, we have quite a few extra steps to take in this room before leaving.

On the far left, opposite of the giant chalkboard, you will notice a long brown table. Walk up to it and you’ll see our old friend and partner in crime, scissors! Just like our last adventure with the plants, we need the scissors to help us once again. Press the “Yes” prompt and you will have them in your inventory.

Lets put the scissors to their first use! For the CCR to work, we need to be nice to the girls in the Occult Club Room. That means we must cut our own hair for the ritual steps. Standing anywhere, you must open your inventory and select the scissors. Kat will mention she needs hair for the ritual and reluctantly suggests using her own hair. Press the “I guess…” prompt and get that piece of hair! Kat won’t be so happy about it, but to get chalk, one needs to make sacrifices.

Now we have only one last thing to get in this room, and this will make sense at the very end of this guide. You must go to Kat’s desk, which can be found at the bottom row, second to last desk in the back. She will make a comment about something coming in handy, this is in reference to the “Dusty Hairpin”. Once you take it, it will be in your inventory!

With all that out of the way, we can move onto the next area to satisfy our chalk collecting needs! Exit the room and stand in the hall.

Classroom 3-B

Now that you’re in the hallway again, go right again. You’ll quickly bump into our next location, another classroom. You’ll know you’re in the right place if the plaque says what the image below suggests.

Chalk #4
As soon as your inside, you’ll need to do another puzzle involving the desks again. You must do this so you can walk around the classroom again. With that out of the way, our next target is where you’d expect! It’ll be broken chalk, but that’s besides the point! All that matters is we have one more to add to our collection!

Chalk #5
Just like the last classroom, run over to the top right of the room. Another piece of chalk will be hiding in the exact same spot as it’s brethren from Classroom 3-A! Take it and pile it with the rest you’ve snatched!

Classroom 3-B CCR Steps

Before we leave this room, there’s one important thing we have to do. While closing the shades, you’ll notice the shades for the middle window are missing. Interacting with the window will give you the dialogue string shown below, and a new objective to find curtains.

There’s a few ways to solve this problem, all of which require us to explore outside this room. So leave Classroom 3-B and head back into the hallway for now. We’ll have to continue to the next room, and luckily it has something for us to help solve our curtain issue here.

Classroom 3-C

Once you’re in the hallway again, move right one last time. You will find yourself in front of another classroom. This will be the last new classroom we visit, and it also has the second to last piece of chalk! However, if you aren’t doing the CCR run, this will be your last chalk. You will know you’re at the right place if the plaque next to the door reads what the image below suggests.

Chalk #6
Once you rearrange the desks for a final time, you can walk around the room. You’ll notice there’s no chalk on the chalkboard, how terrible. Don’t worry though, head to that piece of furniture on the top right of the room. Just like the last two rooms, another piece of chalk is stashed away in there. Add your 6th piece of chalk to your collection!

Yes, yes you do Kat. It’s very important.

Classroom 3-C CCR Steps

Make sure all the shades are shut like usual, and once that’s done, there’s an item we can grab here. Interacting with the top row of desks, third from the front, we can pick up a student’s notebook. DO NOT read through when it’s in your inventory. This will help us solve the curtains issue in Classroom 3-B.

Now, we have all 6 pieces of chalk in our hands. It’s time to hunt down the final piece of chalk. Head out of the room and back into the hallway. It’s time to finish the hunt!

CCR Finale

It’s time to hunt down that 7th piece of chalk and beyond!

These final steps are a little long, but don’t worry! That 7th piece of chalk will be ours in no time! Before we do anything with that book we got from the classroom we just left, we need to head directly downwards from where we’re standing. If you do so while standing in front of Classroom 3-C still, you’ll find yourself with two options. An entrance of sorts on the left, and one directly in front of you. If the entrance to the left has a plaque that says “Club Room”, then you’re in the right spot.

Interact with the entrance, and Kat will make note that it’s locked. DON’T use the Dusty Hairpin, this is where the Student’s Notebook comes into play. We’re going to head back to the Occult Club Room on the far left of the school. Doing this will trigger a cutscene where Kat asks the other girls if they’re part of the club. Turns out Ponytail Girl is, and she has the keys. Before we get the keys, she needs a favor from us.

The Student’s Notebook is hers, so we’ve already grabbed it. Open your inventory while looking at Ponytail Girl and press on it. Kat will give it to her, despite Ponytail Girl’s surprise. With that done, she gives us the key we need to open the Theater Club Room.

Before we run back over there, there’s a box on the far left of the room, and inside it are runes we need for the ritual. To get to the 7th piece of chalk, we at least need to satisfy the basics of the ritual requirements. This is a job for our trusty friend scissors! Press on the scissors in your inventory while looking at the box, and Kat will open it. Grab any of the ruins, it does not make a difference in our quest for chalk.

With that out of the way, head back over to the locked Club Room on the far right of the school. Using the key on the entrance by pressing on it in your inventory will unlock it. Upon entering, we have two options. You can either take the curtains blocking the chalkboard, or grab the neatly folded ones to the side. For this, we’re going to grab the folded ones. Select the “Yes” prompt and immediately head back to the Occult Club Room.

Walk back up to the Ponytail Girl, and open your inventory. Select the key she just let you borrow to give it back.

Since we were nice to everyone, we can talk to the middle girl more, Pretty Girl. She will introduce everyone’s names to you. Saki is the Ponytail Girl, Juli is the Pretty Girl, and the Quiet Girl is Kaya. Keep talking to Juli till she says “Good luck with your game.” like the photo below suggests.

Instead of leaving the room, we can actually take the empty seat next to Kaya as seen in the example below. Press the “Yes” prompt and a cutscene will start involving the girls. All of them will decide to tag along with Kat to see the ritual she’s trying to perform. They’re in for a surprise, because really we just want chalk.

With the girls by our side, head back to Classroom 3-B. Now that we have curtains, we’re going to put them on the window that has none! With this, we can leave the room and enter the hallway once again.

Now that we’ve done the base of all the ritual steps, the music playing will grow silent. That silence is a good sign, that means the 7th piece of chalk is upon us! Head to the far left of the school to find a path that mirrors the Theater Club Room. Doing so, you’ll encounter a room that puzzles all four girls. They claim to not know what it is, and they want to see inside. Open your inventory, and select the Dusty Hairpin you got earlier. This will trigger a short cutscene where all four girls talk about the door further. After this, the game will give you a mini game where you pick a lock!

Chalk #7
Once inside, you’ll be greeted by a fairly normal looking janitor’s closet. There will be a box in the top middle of the room. It’s time for us to use our scissors one last time. Truly sad time, thank you brother for your hard work. With a salute, we gain our final piece of chalk! Or do we…?


Chalk #∞
Enter the next room by walking right, and you’ll find yourself in a strange room that very closely resembles the one you just left. Now, it’s time for the chalk finale… Walk up to the same box as before, and surprise it’s already open. Can you guess what’s inside…? A BOX FILLED WITH CHALK!

This is man’s greatest discovery. The true Holy Grail! Sadly, it’s too tightly packed so you can’t take any out. Better get to carrying that box, huh Kat?

Girl’s Night Out Ending

Keep heading right, and you can witness the final cutscene to the Girl’s Night Out ending! Kat and her new friends have escaped the school! I don’t mean Saki, Juli, and Kaya though, I mean the chalk. What else do you think she’s holding in her shirt pocket? the 7 pieces of chalk we snagged of course! Congratulations, you completed the Chalk Completionest Run! I hope your life feels more complete now! Although, I wish we had more chalk…

Thanks to PertKhan36630 for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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