Project Speed: Achievement Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Porject Speed game.

Before start issues

If you encounter this EM you have to set DirectX to Version 11. Game uses DirectX12 by default because of raytracing.
Go to game properties (rightclick in library)

… and then type “-dx11” into the launch options.

Starting the game & open each map once

Open the first 3 maps and close them over the ESC menu

Finding the secret map

Start the map “The Plains” and find a formation of 4 trees. Go inside the square

First it teleports you on the other side of the same map also with 4 trees. Go inside the square again.
Now game is loading and you are on the secret map.

Completing / Failing a quest (Quest1)

On the secret map head to the tunnel (but do not enter the tunnel, yet).

Try to cross the hills next to the tunnel (maybe also backwards if it doesn’t work. Reset your car with R each time you are stuck)

Drive back to the rocky parts where a lambo is stuck

Use both of the dialogue options which appear next to the lambo

Completing / Failing the tunnel quest (Quest2)

After Completing the Quest1 on the secret map you can drive back to the tunnel entry

The tunnel inside looks like an U. So you have to turn 2 times right until you reach the end of the traffic jam.

Be careful to not hit & bust the middle planks. They can cause glitchy shards which can make your car stuck forever.

Choose both options of the dialogue. (you don’t have to fulfill the quest)

Now you are done with all achievements. If you still want to fulfill the quest you can pass by the traffic jam and turn left to the tunnel exit at the end.

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