Project Warlock: 100% Achievements Guide

Here is a guide on how to get all achievements in Project Warlock game.


Hidden characters

The following achievements are obtained by unlocking secret area’s in the game. These are usually walls that can either be interacted with or destroyed. They are often recognized by having a slightly different texture or being near a visible secret area.

I’m dead… again?
Hidden in E1M5 Graveyard – The Gates. Directly inside the starting building. Right infront of the spawnpoint.

Shadow of the East
Hidden in E2M11 Antarctica Labs – Antarctic Anomaly. Found by going into a teleporter behind a red door. Is the required path to get the yellow key, so you can’t miss it.

Too Serious
Hidden in E3M1 Egypt. Go inside the building and activate the panel on the right side.

Those Alien Bastards Never Paid…
Hidden in E4 City – Masochistic Metropolis.

Ripped and Torn
Hidden in E5M9 City – The Gauntlet. Following the path on the left of the entrance a secret room is located on the right side of the button you’ll find at the end of the path.

Wrong Slipgate
‘Hidden’ in the final boss level. Somewhere in plain side on the open side of the map.


Plain and simple achievements for beating the game on a selected or higher difficult (e.g. Normal will unlock both the Easy and Normal achievement at first completion).

Piece of Cake
Beat the game on easy.

Come Get Some
Beat the game on standard.

Bring it on!
Beat the game on hard.

Evil Nightmare
Beat the game on hardcore. While the description ingame says it’s single life, it does allow you continue if you have obtained a life prior to dying in the same level.

Tips for all difficulties:
Getting the ‘Student’ perk early will benefit you great later on. Every level will give you a random skillpoint. Same way obtaining secrets will give a similar boost as finding a secret alone will yield experience and oft enough they contain some treasures and sometimes even a skillpoint.


All of the secrets involve interacting with a wall or button, or destroying a wall. Seemingly the secrets found carries over into new games, thus missing some is no big deal.

Ponce De Leon
Find 10 Secrets

Magellan Find
30 Secrets

Find 50 secrets


Small step for a Warlock…
Boss of episode 1. His weapon is relatively low and can’t penetrate walls thus having a line of sight where only his upper torso and head are exposed will allow you to freely damage him. For the first phases the smg is recommended. For the final stage both the dual shotgun and smg are great. The dual shotgun can be found inside the castle stage.

Ah’n’gha throdog r’luhhor
Boss of episode 2. First you’ll have to kill all tentacles before the boss becomes vunerable. Keeping some distance at the start of the stage will allow you to kill them with little risk. The mage staff is great here as loaded it’ll instantly it. For the final stage running in circles and being just far enough in range with the flamethrower will easily kill the boss.

Weird Cat
Boss of episode 3. Basically any range weapon while just moving around will take down the boss. For the final stage try to cluster all non-boss enemies and run circles around them. The scorpions can be dangerous as they can damage you, but other enemies can be ignored.

Industrial Age
Boss of episode 4. Before reaching the end of the city maps you should either have gotten the ‘sprint’ or ‘ghost’ ability. While sprint gives you a way easier time doding the tank the ghost ability makes you totally immune to the tank ramming you. Ghost also helps you avoid getting stuck between enemies, which is especially important in the later levels where movement is a must.

Double-edged Sword…
The final boss is extremely tanky and can easily consume all your ammo. It’s highly recommended to take the ‘curse’ skill with you into battle. Combined with the hidden chain reactor ammo in the corner of the map it’ll allow you to beat the last 2 phases of the boss with the single gun. Just be careful to keep moving as you’ll take heavy damage while ‘curse’ is active.


Lock ‘n’ Load
Buy 10 upgrades. The count seems to carry over between saves.

I can recommend the following upgrades:

Healing power. The range is just great and it allows you to heal up a bit. The weapon is just amazing for any enemy that can be killed within a single hit or is too slow to follow up an attack after being hit.

.50 Magnum. Has just enough damage to kill most of the smaller mobs in a single hit.

None. Keep as it is. Is great against smaller enemies and won’t instantly kill you if it expodes in your face.

Rocket Launcher
Napalm. Just gives a massive damage boost that’ll allow you to kill almost any enemy with a single direct hit. Due to the limited ammo I heavily prefer the extra damage over the instant rockets as enemy movement is no issue to predict. Fire also seems to prevent enemies from transforming, which is a common ability of many enemies in later stages.

Double Barreled Shotgun
Flak cannon. Fire damage for the same reason as the rocket launcher. While harvester isn’t a bad upgrade it’ll shred through ammo while many enemies only need single hits to kill.

Heavy Bolter. The fast firing stuns enemies which sets them up for an easy kill, while also being great for larger mobs and having decent range. While the auto-turret isn’t bad it’s not worth giving up the minigun.

Laser Gun
Railgun. The huge damage boost combined with the instant travel time makes it easily the better options of the two.

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