Project Wingman: How to Enable PS4 Controller

A quick and serious guide to fixing the PS4 controller connection (Xbox should work too but I have not tested yet) problems in Project Wingman (and other controller-to-PC connected errors).   Step-by-Step Guide Step 1: Open your browser and go to DS4 Windows on ””. Step 2: Press ”Download Now” (it should be made by ”Jays2Kings”). […]

Project Wingman: Conquest Roster Guide

This guide will be going over what you’re paying for when you buy new mercenaries or upgrades in the hiring den, both costs and what they fly. In the case of the airships, the armaments and how the upgrades change them.   Fighter Wing Contingent Add additional fighter aircraft to your roster Rookie Pilot (Talon […]

Project Wingman: Endgame Fight Guide

This is a Guide to a certain Mission called “Kings” If you dont know what I am talking about I would not read Further. (Spoilers)   First Off First off: Flares or AoA? You decide. From the get go a Plane that has the AoA Limiter option will allow you to essentialy do the Same […]

Project Wingman: How to Enable Freetrack & TrackIR

How to enable Freetrack (and by using Freepie, enable TrackIR) Careful, following this guide might erase any progress made in the game. If you don’t really, really need to enable trackir/freetrack now just wait for the next patch that should show the option again.   Getting a good savegame.sav Careful, following this guide might erase […]