Project X Walkthrough with 100% Achievements

Project X is a terrible hunting simulator / exploration game with 5 Steam achievements.
The whole 100% takes ~35 minutes which is mostly idle time, where only 10 minutes of that is active playtime. Follow the guide thoroughly to avoid any issues.

 Start a new game.
⚬      Approach the girl looking at the bulletin board, then follow her to the camp.
⚬      Enter the tent and interact with the skull (1) next to the computer.

                                            Press ESC key to minimize the prompt.

Monster skull
Find skull of the Monster

⚬      Go out and run towards the table.
⚬      Pick up the map (2), the flashlight (3), and the binoculars (4).
⚬      Also, interact with the bull medallion (5) next to the laptop.

Secret artifact
Find a secret artifact

⚬      Press 3 to open the map and head to D4.
⚬      Climb up the tower and open the top drawer.
⚬      Interact with the first aid kit (6).

Find a first aid kit

⚬      Head to the top right corner of D5 to find a cabin, then go inside.
⚬      Pick up the shotgun hanging on wall (7), shotgun shells on table (8), and traps inside the chest (9).

 Save your game and quit to menu.
 Load your game and pick up the shells and traps again.

                                                This is an item duplication glitch.

 Save and quit to menu.
⚬      Repeat the process one more time so you end with 36 shotgun shells and 15 traps.
(Press TAB to check)

⚬      Make your way to A6 to find the monster’s lair.
⚬      Press 6 and place all traps right at the entrance with right click (see screenshot and press 4 to
turn on the flashlight).

⚬      Equip your shotgun with 1 and reload it with R.
⚬      Wait until 18:00 for the enemy to spawn (save when it’s around 17:30 to reduce idle time later).

                                            Can check current time on the phone (TAB).

⚬      Once the monster shows up, shoot to kill (you can only shoot while aiming down sights (RMB)).

Monster Hunter
Kill the Monster

⚬      Watch the scenes.
⚬      Reload your game and head back to the cabin (top right corner of D5).
⚬     Then, wait/idle inside until the dawn (8:00).

From dusk till dawn
Don’t die until dawn
By lylat and Pris

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