Promesa: Secrets Guide (Missable Achievements Unlocked)

Pointers for unlocking the missable achievements. Best seen post-game.


Note that it is possible to get the following achievements through scene selection if you miss any of them during the first run.

Fruit Juice Spot the fruit juice.

Find the packaged juice on a windowsill to your right midway through ‘Casa – De dia’.

La Camiseta Spot the Albiceleste’s jersey.

Look for an Argentinian soccer jersey hanging from a balcony at the start of ‘Domenica – II’.

Mate Spot the mate.

Find the grey cup with a drinking straw midway through ‘Domenica – II’.

In the Clouds Find the TV in less than 30 seconds.

Pubblicità Watch all the ads.

Reach the TV under half a minute and sit through all the content in ‘Paese nella nebbia – II’.

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