Psychonauts 2: How to Restart Your Save File

This is instructions for how to restart your Psychonauts 2 save file. There’s no in-game button for resetting the game so you can replay it, so it’s a little tricky. This is a rough guide, so the information might not be complete in some places.   Step 1: Disable Steam Cloud In order to do […]

Psychonauts 2: Psitanium Farm Guide

Here is a simple guide on how to farm Psitanium efficiently in Psychonauts 2. as it is the in-game currency to purchase items and upgrade them. you can beat the game easily with more Psitaniums.   Unlocking The Astral Wallet Upgrade your wallet to the Astral Wallet as soon as you can. Each upgrade (2 in total) […]

Psychonauts 2: How to Change Raz’s Outift

This ‘Guide’ will teach you how to change outfits in Psychonauts 2.   “What to do?” In order to change Raz’s outfit, one must finish the optional Scavenger Hunt Side-Quest. This mission is given early on in the game by Norma and is pretty much impossible to miss. There are other ‘Steam Guides’ to help you locate all […]

Psychonauts 2: How to Fix LowLevelFatalError Error

Here is a simple tutorial on how to fix LowLevelFatalError error in Psychonauts 2.   How to Fix LowLevelFatalError Error If you are receiving a “LowLevelFatalError” error message, and you meet the game’s minimum hardware requirements, then try launching the game in DX11 mode. Right-click Psychonauts 2 in the Steam client and enter the Properties menu. In […]