Psychonauts Guide – How to Fix Mouse Sensitivity

Problem Overview

So, I feel that a lot of people have had trouble over the years with the lagging mouse, off calibration, and slow camera.
I have a Windows 10 Dell laptop with an Intel i5 (7th Gen) core and I use a Razer Naga Chroma for my mouse.
IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE TYPES OF HARDWARE, THIS SOLUTION MAY HELP. (If it doesn’t I’m sorry and I hope someone else can provide insight. <3

I’ll give you a list of short steps and some trouble shooting that you can try. Hopefully it helps 🙂


Step 1

Open the Menu > Options

Step 2

From Options > Graphics > UNCHECK V.Sync

(aspect ratio and fullscreen CAN be related, but do not affect my personal setup)
You should already start to see improvement.

Step 3 (Final Step)

From Options > Controls > Advanced > Change Sensitvity to how you want it


More Troubleshooting

  • Options < Graphics < UNCHECK FSAA, FSFX, Adv. Shading, and Shadows
  • Restart game (obviously)
  • Restart Steam app
  • Restart computer
  • Unplug external monitors and/or harddrives/flashdrives
  • Recalibrate external mouse and/or trackpad
  • Try using a controller
  • Might have to reinstall the game
  • Operating system might be too much to handle the old game. If you can go back to a Windows XP or Windows 7 operating system, it might work better.

If anyone else has some input for this fix, please comment down below and let me know if this guide helped anyone! 🙂

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