PUBG R.I.P? Ring of Elysium Tencent New F2P Battle Royale Coming On Steam Next Week

Ring of Elysium is a battle royale shooter developed by Tencent Games. You are a tourist trapped at Mountain Dione by a terrible winters strom that is going to freeze everyone. There is only one rescue helicopter left, while there is still a hundred tourists around the map, the only way to get on that helicopter is to make sure no else get to it. Ring of Elysium is coming on Steam on September 20 as a free game.

Ring of Elysium Official Trailer


Various Abilities, Region Transformation And More

From the trailer above, Hang-gliding, snowboarding,mountaineering… extreme sports skills will help you survive this disastrous snowstrom. The Map will be divided in different regions, as the strom procced, more and more areas transform into frozen hell, keep warm and stay vigilant.

According What we see from chinese Ring Of Elysium official website (it’s called Europa in China, which showed on the snowboard in trailer), the Mountain Dione is only a map of ROE, and there will be dynamic weather system, and distructive physical system.

Ring of Elysium

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