Puddle Knights FAQ

Puddle Knights is a mud-based puzzle game where you use the lengthy capes of chivalrous knights to cover puddles and help members of the upper class away from badly sanitized streets. here are the FAQs for the game.


What is the game about?

You take control of noble knights with their water-proof capes while guiding ladies and bishops through challenging levels filled with puddles of mud, drawbridges and other obstacles, trying to get through the levels without getting dirty.

How much content is there?

Plenty! The game should keep your brain teased for anywhere between 10 and 30 hours, depending on what type of a puzzle master you are and if you’re going to attempt finishing every single level in the game.

Is the game done?

Yes! It comes with a 100+ polished levels. We’re committed to still supporting the game after launch though, and you may see some bonus content pop up later… 🙂

What platforms are supported?

The game is now released on PC and Mac. Linux and some other platforms will hopefully follow as well.

What controller should I use to play?

The game is best played with a Xbox / Switch Pro / PS4 controller or a keyboard with QWERTY or AZERTY layout. It also has rudimentary mouse controls to improve accessibility, but we recommend playing with a keyboard or a gamepad for most players.

Is there a level editor?

Not at this time, but never say never!

By Lockpickle

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