Puzzzle: How to Fix “Missing Executable” Error

This is a fix if you are getting a “missing executable” error when trying to boot up the game.


This is a very simple fix
If you are receiving this error message while trying to boot up the game
1. Go to your steam library
2. Right click Puzzzle game
3. Click Properties
4. Click Local Files(at the top)
5. Click Browse Local Files
After that, the steam folder for the game will pop up. It will look something like this.
6. Right click on that folder
7. Click rename
8. Rename that folder to the error code you were getting. So in this version of the game add “.3” after Version 1.0 or just copy this “Version 1.0.3 STEAM”
9. Close out of that and play your game. It will say that their are files downloading but it’s just reacquiring the files it thinks it lost.

If this error code happens after future updates, just change that folder to the current version of the game.

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